MAILBAG: Why Is Councilman Borelli Playing Politics With Our Children?

As Jackson residents like myself prepare to go to the polls and vote on a special question on whether to raise our taxes to help fund our school district, I am left wondering why Councilman Nino Borelli thinks he should have a say in the matter.

While there are arguments for and against raising Jackson residents’ taxes to fund the school district, Borelli has taken a firm stance in opposition to it. I counted at least twice in which he has spoken out publicly against approval of the special question.

Borelli is the Council liaison to the Board of Education, yet he has never reached out to anyone on the board to find out whether such a move would be overall a benefit to Jackson, nor has he attended any of the public workshops we have held on the matter.

I suspect there’s a good reason for that. Councilman Borelli only moved to Jackson recently, and he has no children in our school district. As far as he’s concerned, the question will only affect him in one way: whether or not he will have to pay more for childrens’ education – but not his own children. On that matter, Borelli is a firm “no” on paying the taxes necessary to ensure our children are educated properly.

Councilman Borelli argues that he’s staunchly in favor of supporting our children’s education. But apparently, he’s concerned about nothing but making sure his tax bill is as low as possible, without any concern for the education of the next generation of Americans being raised in Jackson.


Anonymous in Jackson

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  1. At least Councilman Borelli is not hiding behind anonymity.

    Why is this BOE person who is strongly concerned for the education of the next generation of Americans being raised in Jackson standing anonymously?


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