MAILBAG: Why Do We Turn A Blind Eye To This Major Problem?

Dear esteemed members of our Tzibur,

It is our chiyuv to make the tzibur fully aware of this tremendous tznius issue that is being majorly overlooked.

In this trying time klal Yisrael is under attack. Let’s raise the Kedusha as a zchus for Klal Yisrael.

Men videoing the womens side at chasunahs is assur!

Chassanim and Kallah’s, sanctify the holiest day of your life! How can ladies dance in front of male photographers? It is not okay for male photographers to video and watch women dancing at weddings. Hire a female photographer for their respective side!! This is a tremendous breach in tznius! And has been plaguing our tzibur for too long!

Not preserving tznius is what causes Hashem to remove his Shechina from Klal Yisrael.

It’s self evident that this tznius problem is hovering over our community, pervading our ihr hatorah and jeopardizes the tznui of our Makom Torah. It is breaching essential gedarim our rabbonim have given over to us for thousands of years.

The Chasam Sofer stated that “The last golus will be worse than all the others…In previous exiles there was no immodesty…Immodesty is worse than all the other sins of the Torah”.

Rav Yitzchak Abadi in his Ohr Yitzchak Chelek 2:Inyanim Shonim Siman 10 forbids a man to video the womens side

The reason why the beis hamikdash was destroyed is the lack of tznius! The Gemorah in Shabbos 62b says that a “reason for the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash was women used excessive cosmetics”

Chaim S.
‪(818) 570-3153‬

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  1. They are very focused on the work aka “osek bemlachto” the question is what happened with the editing what heter is there for that

  2. Another thing we need to be mifarsem is to stop being so judgemental !

    Because someone’s approach to Yiddishkeit is not like ours this makes it muttar to speak ill of them or judge them ? !

    This is a terrible avlah and also a reason Moshiach has not yet come.

  3. Men worrying about the ladies. So tznius. I’m suspicious the letter writer is a parutz the likes we should never know. Chaim S., throw out your secret smart phone and stop thinking about women all the time.

  4. Boruch Hashem made three Chasunas. Insisted on a female photographer and videographer for the ladies. Only one Mechutan was willing to share the extra cost with me. The other two, I paid the full extra amount.

  5. Bla bla, maybe a nice chumra but that’s about it! Theoretically a man is permitted to be a lifeguard at a women’s only beach because he is טרוד במלאכתו definitely for being a wedding photographer!

  6. What happened to “asuk bemelachto”.
    It in same books as you quote from.
    Are you a women photographer ? Or is your mother one? Or your sister ?
    I wouldn’t accuse you of being married either.

  7. Um ever heard of בעסקי הוא טריד? You think that’s a joke? Apparently yes. You want to start quoting poskim? Get it right before you denigrate an entire tzibbur

  8. Where did you get this from that it’s assur ? Isn’t he oisek bmlachto ? The same heter for a man to be a doctor or a lady to be a nurse etc etc?


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