MAILBAG: We Were Warned. Some People Didn’t Take It Seriously

Dear Lakewood Community,

I write this letter as a yachid that is upset at myself, for not opening my mouth earlier about a pressing issue in Lakewood. I was shocked initially, and thought that the bad joke would go away sooner. I’m assuming due to the lack of outcry, that most people are just not aware of what has been transpiring in recent months.

People’s lives are in danger!! And I say that factually! A group of people parading themselves as Gomlei Chasadim, have been attempting to start an organization, which they think will take over Hatzolah in certain areas if not all.

Just to backtrack a drop, I’ve been a resident of Lakewood for many years. Unfortunately, I’ve had to use the services of Hatzolah on occasion. To list their qualifications in this article would be an absolute embarrassment. I’m not here to sell Hatzolah to anyone. We’ve all seen them in action and know their successes beyond.

What occurred this past week is next level chutzpah and pikuach nefoshos! Although not condoning it in any way, some youth amongst us, noticed on their own a sham organization, and decided to try to do damage to them. In return, the sham organization decided to punish Hatzolah and jam up their phone lines, by forwarding every prank call they received straight to Hatzolah’s emergency number.

Aside from this, there were a few instances of unfortunate patients that saw a phone number somewhere advertising themselves as a Hatzolah organization. Not knowing the who they were calling, they called and waited over 15 minutes for a response.

I don’t think I have to write any more. I guess different Kehillos should discuss with their Rabbanim if and how to deal with this issue, and how we could allow the chutzpah of these yechidim to park their ambulances in the center of our town. Shame on them!!

Chaim N.

Resident of the old Lakewood

Editor’s Note: This very issue was discussed in an op-ed previously published on Lakewood Alerts. This is indeed one of the most pressing and concerning issues facing the greater Lakewood region. 

The views expressed in this letter do not necessarily represent those of Lakewood Alerts. Have an opinion you would like to share? Send it for review to


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  1. Your 100 pct right
    But the powers that are making the decisions should
    Take in more members it’s easier to run for elected office in ocean county then it is to be accepted into Hatzala
    And I’m well aware that not everyone applying should be accepted that’s obvious but there are many qualified EMTs who are worthy of joining but like many other organizations here in town it’s run as an exclusive private club
    If you take money from the tzibur you must be transparent and answer as to why worthy candidates aren’t accepted
    Again it’s obvious that those who were responsible for forwarding the calls aren’t worthy but their are many many former NY members who moved here and were turned down so theirs room for some transparency

  2. I am not understanding the hysterics. Anyone can open a business and the public can choose whether to call them or not. Not sure why there is outrage. Just ignore them and if no one patronizes them, they will go away. By fighting with them you’re just encouraging them.
    Also, the fact that the Rabbanim have not publicly come out against them, although I was told an effort was made to do so, speaks volumes.
    The truth is, Hatzola should take this as a lesson to clean up their act, as many people know of politics and stories that are kept quiet. Keeping them a tight knit boys club of only those that are connected is not serving the tzibbur. The town has grown by leaps and bounds and they have not adequately kept up. There were many calls in Jackson and Toms river that took 15+ minutes for someone to arrive.

  3. I thought the most pressing matter in Lakewood Ir Hakoidesh are long shaitles. Not Hatzolah or gneiva or shtick or sheker.

  4. I understand that Lakewood alerts likes to post all comments, so as not to take sides. However, by posting extreme lies about Hatzolah, doesn’t help anyone.
    1) in the past 2 years, Hatzolah has accepted over 50 new members
    2) Hatzolah currently has at least one or more members in every small neighborhood that opens in Howell, Jackson, Toms River or Manchester, unless nobody applied from that neighborhood.
    3) many many members that moved here from NY were accepted to CJ Hatzolah. Those that move here and have experience that are not accepted, you can be sure that there’s a darn good reason that they’re not accepted.

    • I am not here to defend Jackson Hatzolah more over I consider cj Hatzolah the only valid ones however the claim that there was extreme lies posted and not to address it means you have no point.

      Regarding your points that you did post
      1) 50 members in 2 years in a town/county that has grown as fast as Lakewood, toms River, Jackson, etc ….. Is nothing it’s like 1 member for every 500 people that move here (which is nothing in comparison).
      2) 1 member in every neighborhood is nothing and also it doesn’t help if there’s no one around during the day during business hours cuz everyone is working and the meantime the wives and the kids could still have emergencys.
      3) true that many people that were declined was for good reasons however with the record of CJ Hatzolah declining as many people as they decline they start losing trust and you can’t blame people for being frustrated.

      PS: I am a big fan of Hatzolah but I am a straight shooter and I’m not going to beat around the bush.

    • And for everyone accepted from NY 20 are turned down even MEDICS
      And those you mention who were taken on waited a number of years before finally being accepted so don’t downplay the exclusive boys club issue it’s an open secret that Hatzala is an exclusive club for those who are connected some current members waited over 10 years before finally being accepted is that normal huh
      Any organization who raises money from the public should answer to the public and no organization or individual who is supposedly serving the public is above criticism when it’s warranted and kudos to Lkwd alerts for posting the short comings of a public organization hopefully this will only bring the issues to the forefront and can be dealt with in a responsible way and if warranted change for the better after Hatzala is a public organization serving the public and of course is there lesham shomayim you save lives

  5. Why don’t we name the rasha who is behind this? This fraud from Boro Park who made a few shekels during a covid scam.

    A total rasha playing with Nefashos

  6. JOJO – Make sure you are not throwing stones in a glass house.

    Calling someone a Rasha publicly without a care in the world is a bit much.

    Maybe you should learn the Tomer Devorah.
    Your post is most troubling.

    • Actually, read hilchos Pimuach Nefashos. You are an ignoramus.

      Someone WILL die here. Bunch of reshohim. Not to mention, a bunch of violent misfits, many young kids witj long arrest records.

      • Obviously you are very emotional and really care about Klal Yisroel.

        There is enough blame to go around.
        but by your statements your sound like a child maybe on of the kids making prake calls.

        Either way – Due to this “new” organization Hatzlocha of Lakewood took is multiple new members in order to try to shut them down.

        That was the original request and point of the “new” organization.

        Hatzolah of Lakewood dosent own Chesed nor the EMS services in the surrounding towns, the same is with the Lakewood Chevrah Kadisha and other organizations.
        If you don’t accept the “newcomers” and their needs then they can and should open their own.
        Just like Hatzloha told them at the meetings.

        Pekuach Nefesh is a 8 Minute response time for an emergency call. Remember why Hatzolah was first started. Bad response time.

        You honestly need a reset on your Haskafos and to learn some Mussar.
        It truly showing.

  7. I am shocked by some of the comments here. A letter was written about a situation of “pikuach nefoshos” and some people think it’s appropriate to use the opportunity because they have a bone to pick with CJ Hatzolah?? So therefore we should allow a sham organization to put people’s lives in danger right in our faces? The coverage by CJ Hatzolah is absolutely amazing, with multiple members and brand new ambulances in every town with full time coverage!! Anyone who in their right minds think that it makes sense to attempt to open a new Hatzolah in the center of Lakewood showed their true agenda. Everything else is just talk to distract the issues.
    And in response to the genius that keeps saying that when an organization takes money from a tzibur, they have to give a din b’cheshbon to some anonymous bloggers? There’s a good reason why the organization has on top of it a board of Baale baatim that are not part of the “boys club” and oversee the money and operations, as well as not only one Rov, but a board of Rabbanim.
    And to add to that, I’m sure that those members or medics that were rejected want the reasons publicized why they weren’t accepted…

    • Ach. Do u k ow what ur saying or r u saying what u know? Don’t think either. Bottom line is. There are 2 sides to every story let’s say. Cj hatzala has a lot of dirt on them. True. But as long as lakewood was what was they were doing great . Covering such a large expanse of area under one umbrella is jsut as dangerous. As to what this other one is being accused of. I’ve heard if numerous people calling and getting gr8 response and care. As well obv hatzala getting responses. In . Lakewood. But think about it. 150 square miles?!! as was posted recently… To cover that expanse?? To have enough members and ambulances etc. And know the shortcuts and side roads ame sense for people living in that town. Logistically this makes sense and should have responsibly been done by cj hatzlaa to begin with . If theybare truly there to help the tzibur – atrusitically and no power or money motives. Aside let’s talk about some.large neighborhoods in lakewood that only have 1 or 2 members , it with no ambulances. Let cj hatzala avail their resources within the town rather than trying to spread themselves thin and trying to raise money to control it all. Again, this other one was started as Jackson which makes sense givne the mileage radius of the town .. and some poor response times initially for cj. You knownhowntjey say competition is good for business? Well this shouldn’t be a business. This should be true looking out for being there for every yid.

      • True point if they would be in Jackson and cover some of the areas you are referring to. But the fact is that all their ambulances are currently stationed in central Lakewood, which has a 2 min response time from HCJ.
        The fact that they are not actually trying to cover needed areas shows their true intentions.

  8. I’m reading these comments and some people obviously missed the story.

    Hatzules Nefoshos does not claim to cover any of the new areas where there are claims of lack of proper HCJ coverage. HN is currently responding out of the Oak & Vine area where HCJ currently has 3 active members, BLS rig and ALS truck parked, as well as an additional 6 members within a 2 minute response area.

    HN is making it very obvious that this is not about filling a need, rather this is about a group of irresponsible people who for one reason or another never got accepted to any legitimate organization, and decided to open their own and put peoples lives at risk!

    YES! There have been numerous scary stories with people who innocently called them, and lets not even get started on the fact that they are forwarding prank calls to HCJ, that should show everyone their true colors.

    It is high time for the rabbanim in this town to get together and shut this clown show down, there is no need to wait for a real tragedy to happen.

    • I did my research & met with these guys from hatzulas nefashos they are a group of successful smart serious guys, most of them with years of experience, only thing hatzolah of Lakewood has issues with that you claim we’re rejected from, is because they’re heimish chasidish, so to claim that they were rejected from the so called legitimate organization is actually the problem, its all about ego & control

      • Interestingly enough, HCJ has accepted many chassidish/heimish members over the past few years and 2 out of the current 3 captains are CHASSIDISH!
        And I am not to sure of what “Years of experience” 20 year olds have.
        Yes, HCJ has an extensive vetting system, but that is done for obvious reasons.

  9. From the videos that went around lately I saw Harav Hagudel Reb Hershel Weber Shlita the founder of Hatzolah has endorsed this organization Hatzolas Nefushas, and his son living in Jackson has also joint the response team.
    This organization launched full force due to the growing and spreading communities that required a better and faster response time.
    If a Tzadik like Rabbi Weber and his family support this organization I have no further questions or concerns. May all mutual aid Chesed organizations get along with unity and Achdus, for the sake of saving and helping others in time of need. Different people in different organizations can provide similar assistance to the communities without friction or competitively. As we say in English, Hash Tag “learn to get along”

  10. If HCj gave out a public statement that under no circumstances will they tolerate phony calls (to any emergency agency), I’m sure it will stop very fast. They is reason to believe HCJ is encouraging this childish and dangerous behavior, if not remaining silent which is also bad enough. As they say, the silence is deafening. Unfortunately when there is a dispute going on the tactics can sometimes get ugly.

  11. Hatzolas Nefushas is only trying to help out jewish kids. Hatzlah of lakewood has amazing and great members, the problem is that they reject good guys for political reasons. What a shame. Let them eat it now. Why won’t they take in good guys when they are short of members. The answer is that they hate chosdim. Fact!


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