MAILBAG: The 2nd Amendment Exists for a Reason. It’s Time to Arm Ourselves

The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens the right to bear arms for personal protection. And while many people in our region often don’t see a need for the purchase of a firearm, the terror attack of last Friday should have burst our bubble of perceived safety and should compel us all to arm up.

The fact is that when there is a murderous lunatic – terrorist or not – rampaging through town, there is nothing more valuable than a firearm. Do we have police officers who pack heat? Sure, but they can’t be everywhere all the time.

Just look at what happened on Friday. The suspect managed to attempt a carjacking, then successfully carjack and assault a man before running another man over, nearly stabbing a young boy to death, and then ramming another man in Jackson before his terror spree came to an end.

And he likely could have and would have continued had the vehicle he carjacked not become disabled, as was implied in a press release yesterday. Once his rampage was over, he went back home, only being arrested in the early hours of Shabbos morning.

This isn’t a knock on the police. In my opinion, they did a phenomenal job. I still don’t know how they managed to identify who the suspect was so quickly. They did all they could.

But imagine for a moment if one person with basic firearm training had a firearm at any of the attacks. The suspect would be dead now and the massive harm he inflicted on so many individuals and families could have possibly been avoided.

It’s time to arm ourselves more than we already are. Yes, there are many, many people who legally own firearms in Lakewood, but not enough. We are a target and antisemites will find any reason to attack us – sometimes violently.

Don’t brush off what happened on Friday. If you haven’t done so yet, get yourself a firearm permit and a handgun. It could save yours or someone else’s life.

Baruch C.

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  1. You don’t sound like such a frum guy honestly, That is not the response of our gedolim if you want to start a “Mizrachi” movement with a “Kochi V’otzem Yadi” unit, go ahead – Just not in Lakewood. And besides look at EY even with all the citizens with guns there are still terrorist attacks every week.

    • Alot of attacks are stopped by the civilians, like the attack in beer sheva a couple weeks ago. These attacks could have been far worse had they not been stopped. But you are right maybe we should let it get that bad first to see

    • Taking measures to protect one’s life and his fellow brethren is not a frum idea⁉️ There is no higher value in the Torah then preserving life ❗ You’re not allowed to be סומך על הנס! In today’s day and age when anti-Semitism is so prevalent and fatal as we saw in that synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh and elsewhere it is incumbent upon us to do our hishtadlus! This has nothing to do with כוחי ועוצם ידי ❗❗
      You’re just spelling off generic terms without any thought behind it, so I’m not going to argue with you! Good luck and a kusheren un ah freilichen pesach❗ שומר פתאים השם ❕

  2. The chances of your child getting his hands on your firearm and shooting are greater than the chances that you will use it to protect yourself.

    • The fact that you took the time to write that, thinking that it’s clever is pretty sad. please read my previous statement to a similarly brainwashed person.

  3. Buruch.
    Why don’t you write your full name?
    Are you embarrassed?
    Where is your letter from the Gedolim to back up your statement?
    Sounds very fishy…..

  4. You can’t get a carry permit in NJ its nearly impossible and If people like me who are armed were to use our firearm to even neutralize an armed terrorist inside our own home we would be facing all kinds of legal trouble including murder charges because of our state laws.

    • That is the most asinine argument I’ve ever heard!
      It’s quite obvious that you should never own a firearm since you are so reckless in your behavior that you would leave a loaded gun for your child to pick up!
      I assume you own a car, Boris what are the chances that your child takes your keys and run somebody over ⁉️
      I don’t think you getting rid of your car anytime soon!

      • Yehuda I like alot of what you wrote but what you said about car keys in comparison to a gun is very very wrong! From finding car keys, to getting in the car, to turning it on VS finding a gun and pulling a trigger. Yes there are safety measures that need to be taken with both but if the exact measures were taken for both 100% a gun is a bigger liability in context. A small child cant get in a car, turn it on and drive the same way they can just pick up a gun and shoot.
        I own guns and take gun safety very seriously and what boris said is a well known statistic all gun owners are aware of.

  5. We are a growing town and are driving Goyim out in the process. I don’t understand how we can expect to have an excellent police force at this rate. We have to either encourage Jews to join the police or pay well in order to get well trained officers.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with this editorial! I’ll take it even a step further and say that anybody that’s capable of getting a permit and restrains himself for silly ideological reasons that don’t pertain to this situation is nothing short of cruel to their spouses and children and the community as a whole!
    We live in the עולם העשייה Were hashem wants us to take practical measures by being proactive. It is forbidden to rely on a miracle!
    Those who spout the כוחי ועוצם ידי argument are tragically very misguided

    When a Jew goes out armed every day, he prays to hashem prior for his protection and that he will never have to use it. However if something like this does occur, the saying of it’s better to be tried by 12 than to be carried by six comes to mind!
    I urge all capable adults to arm themselves and don’t fall for these nonsensical arguments which in the end ends up being cruel towards your wife and children that might end up having to bury you God forbid!
    Burying your head under the sand like an ostrich and denying the reality of the society we live in with the tremendous rise of antisemitism is absolute folly ❗
    Just a word of caution if you’re not a responsible person that I suspect some of the anti-gun people are and you’re not going to take guns safety measures seriously than by all means don’t get a gun ❗
    Because it is highly likely that a minor could get a hold of it and do horrendous damage to himself and others ❕

  7. If you tell me how to obtain a permit to carry. I will do my hishtadlus to get it right away. It is very unlikely anyone reading this who’s isn’t a security guard can again one

    • Thanks for the compliment, appreciate it.
      Let me just clarify what I was trying to communicate. By no means was I trying to equate the two. I was just using an example of something else that we take for granted and that we can’t live without, particularly a motor vehicle and we all know how fatal a motor vehicle could be if it’s in the wrong hands and yet no one ever says that it’s not worth it to have a vehicle. We just take the proper precautions to make sure that our keys are in a safe place and teach out children properly in that regard because we’re not ready to let go of our creature comforts of not having the freedom of movement. In the same vain and even more so with a gun because it doesn’t just pertain to creature comforts but to your very life. However I do understand that the stakes are a lot higher and the statistics bear that out. So you have to to take all the proper and necessary gun safety protocols to Heart. However I do take your point that’s the two aren’t at all similar in its lethality and ease of getting into the hands of a child.
      Again I thank you for pointing out what you said regarding the statistics. I just don’t think that that’s a good enough reason to make a blanket statement for not owning a gun. For instance I’m single so that argument doesn’t hold water with me. As for people who have children, every person has to know his nature and decide for himself if he is capable of keeping the gun safe from the reach of his children. The answer, I think for most people is to be a responsible gun owner like yourself and take gun safety measures very seriously!

    • I’m not familiar with attaining a gun permit in New Jersey though I understand it’s a lot easier than getting one in New York. Also I think it’s factually incorrect that only a security guard could get a gun.
      Why don’t you look into it, perhaps you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

      • Even a sercurity guard cant carry off duty, Look up getting a CCW Permit in NJ. Unless you spend thousands of dollars and sue the state its impossible. You can officially get but the law was set up so that 99% cant

  8. 1. Yehuda. I’ve looked extensively into it. It’s very very difficult to get a concealed handgun carry permit in nj.
    2. Israeli lamdan. Lakewood does pay very well and they have very well trained law inforcement when it comes to actually protecting the community

  9. First aid training would be a lot more helpful than guns.

    Think about this very situation. Who would have had a gun? Nobody gets carrying permits. As long as this terrorist was not going into people’s homes he was not going to get shot.

    First aid on the other hand saves lives and can be used by anybody anywhere.


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