MAILBAG: From the Bottom of My Heart, Thank You

I don’t know your name or who you are, but you will always have a special place inside my heart because of what you did for me and my family.

It was Friday night and we had all my kids and grandkids over for Shabbos Chanukah. My husband and the men were all in shul. Literally dozens of menorahs were lit near the front window, with all the men and the kids having lit their own.

As I basked in the glow of the flames, I noticed a terrifying thing happening: one of my grandchildren’s menorah’s, which had been made at a playgroup, was literally melting from the heat of all the other menorahs. As I watched in horror, the menorah began melting and caught fire.

It was in a small metal container which kept it from spreading immediately, but it was going to happen without intervention. I didn’t know what to do – you can’t just put out a fire on Shabbos if it’s not pikuach nefashos. Was I allowed to? We had a lot of kids in the house, but we could get them out…

I called to one of the girls and asked her to run out and flag someone down for help. She went outside and lo and behold, a Lakewood Shomrim vehicle was passing by. She flagged the man down and explained the situation. He ran up to our home and grabbed the menorah, removing it from the house and dousing it in water.

The danger was over. But while he helped us avert a crisis and possible tragedy, I still don’t know who he is.

So, to whoever you are on Lakewood Shomrim’s Shabbos Patrol, thank you. You are incredibly appreciated and your work is truly lifesaving.


Lakewood, NJ

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  1. This post should be addressed clearly by a posek, who will almost certainly say that the poster’s actions were ill-advised. In the case of a spreading fire in a house that is near other houses, ONE IS OBLIGATED TO PUT OUT THE FIRE, not send a girl outside to look for a goy.


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