MAILBAG: Shopping for Groceries Shouldn’t Be Dangerous

While everyone was waiting on line for food boxes on Wednesday, I went to a grocery store. I couldn’t think of a better time to shop for my pantry’s needs, considering that the store would most likely be empty.

I was right. The store was pretty empty. However, while I went alone to the store, I wasn’t there alone, and that’s what I’m writing about. As I made my way through [redacted by editor]’s aisles, there was a man following me and making inappropriate comments. He wasn’t just a random person; he was a worker at the store.

I tried to nicely shake him off, but he was persistent, commenting that I looked better now than I had the last time I was there (when I was pregnant) among many other (worse) comments that I won’t mention.

No matter how hard I tried, he wouldn’t leave. A store manager walked by at one point, but didn’t realize what was going on. This worker ended up following me all the way out to my car, insisting that he carry my groceries for me. I was completely creeped out, and I surely won’t be shopping there anymore.

But I wonder how many women like myself get the same treatment from workers in groceries and other stores. Are others also made to feel extremely uncomfortable? Is there anyone in these stores to make sure their workers aren’t harassing shoppers?

Stores around town have to do better. I shouldn’t have to be scared to go shopping for milk and bread, concerned about the store’s workers and their behavior.


Anonymous in Lakewood

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  1. There’s something wrong with this letter writer. Why decide to make a whole story out of something she could easily have dealt with by complaining to the store management?? It’s not like stores have to run an fbi background check every time they hire an employee, and there’s always a possibility they’ll end up with a creep. The only way they’ll find that out is if a customer complains.

    So, you ma’am, are wrong for not complaining. Now the creep gets to harass another lady, which sadly you were able to stop.

  2. Did you say anything to the store manager? the article implies not, butthat is the only way for the store to know to get rid of the guy.

  3. Right genius if you don’t say anything how is the grocery supposed to deal with the problem so instead you came on to bash all groceries very thoughtful

  4. I’m sorry but I’m calling this story hypocrisy. The person should have, if it’s true, walked up to the customer service counter and immediately pointed it out.

    I’m also wondering how a person in the store would know that the last time the person was in when was when she was with child. There’s a number of questions I have on this story leads me to think that it’s not true or not 100% true. If something is not 100% true then it is 100% false, which in this case might be unfortunate .

    If it’s true, she should have walked straight up to the customer service counter raised holy you know what.


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