MAILBAG: Please, Help The People Trying To Help You

Being that it’s the summer, many bochurim are running around to various places around Lakewood, especially food establishments. I have no issue with that, but there is a problem I’ve now run into several times.

Due to work constraints, my family often has to eat out. We don’t do anything fancy, but we have made our rounds at the various establishments frequented by bochurim, which tend to be cheaper. And on multiple occasions already, I’ve found pairs of tefillin that were inadvertently left behind.

So, trying to be a good man, I pick up the tefillin to see whose it is so I can get it back to them. Yet there are often times the tefillin bag has no name on it! At best, there are initials.

I don’t understand this. The point of having a name on a tefillin bag is so that people can identify it as belonging to you. If you only have initials on it, a stranger has no way of knowing whose tefillin it belongs to.

So I’m asking you to do yourself a favor: put your name on your tefillin. If you specifically want to have your initials or no name on the bag, at the very least put a small piece of paper inside with your name and contact information.

It can save you from a lot of stress, not to mention a person who finds it and is trying to help you out.



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