MAILBAG: Peculiar Purim Preposterousness

We are once again just weeks away from Purim (I say again because for me, it feels like I did this two months ago). And with Purim coming, most of us are busy preparing costumes for the kids (and maybe adults), mishloach manos packages, and the like.

But have you seen what it means to give out mishloach manos these days? There are an innumerable amount of ads everywhere you look hawking mishloach manos packages. But have you seen the prices?

The very thought that there are so many places making big money from selling these packages is mind boggling. How are there so many people willing to spend $500 on a meat platter? How are there so many people that have no issue with shelling out $1,200 on a mishloach manos package that costs maybe $150 to put together yourself?

Have we lost our way? I think we have. We seem to always need the next big thing and this terrible desire to gain the approval of people – including those who don’t think about us for more than 2 seconds!

I don’t have an issue with the various places that sell these packages. If there’s a demand for it, they’re fully entitled to sell it at whatever price people will pay. But, at the same time, we have to start thinking about what we prioritize in life.

A $25 dollar mishloach manos can do. And if you have extra money lying around, donate it to a worthy tzedakah. There are more than enough opportunities for that.


Yaakov B.

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