MAILBAG: If They Won’t Work To Fix This Dangerous Problem, Vote Them Out

If there is one problem that must be addressed in Lakewood, it is the trend of kicking the can down the road until it’s too late. There are so many instances of this happening over the past twenty years that it’s difficult to ignore. But there is one such instance going on right now that cannot be ignored any longer.

A terrible crash occurred on Cross Street and White on Tuesday, with several people left with serious injuries. I don’t know the exact details of that crash, but I do know about that intersection, which I pass rather often. It is a major hazard for drivers and pedestrians alike, but officials who could potentially do something about have been shifting the responsibility to others for years.

The problem is like this: Cross Street is a county road, White Street is Lakewood, and White Road is Jackson. So Lakewood, Jackson, and Ocean County officials keep pinning the blame on that intersection’s issues on the others. Because of this, nothing is being done, despite the obvious dangers.

What is needed there is a traffic light. That’s all. There are numerous schools within a short walking distance to that intersection, and many young children and teens are often walking along Cross. The fact that there haven’t been more accidents and pedestrians struck there is a miracle on its own.

Ein Somchin Al HaNeis. We’ve been doing that for too long already. Our elected officials have to get together, hammer out a plan, and get this problem resolved. If they refuse to do that, then we should be electing people into office who will.

This extremely dangerous situation cannot go on any longer. Don’t wait for tragedy to strike to wake up.


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  1. There is terrible illegal parking around BMG campus and many cars are parking illegally and BMG official have been called as least 30 times and nothing is being done. I think they don’t care how they put children and mothers or father with children. This is very serious situation in town. There are student park on sidewalk and students park sticking out driveway. Student park where the sign said no parking !!! Will someone tolerate this situation???

  2. Poshut its Sacunus nefashous , Loi dai nothing is being done, but they are trying to say an Kal Vechomer and and blame others , while nothing is happening. There is no Takah is , it’s either you fix the problem , or you get voted out of office, Vechulah Vechulah Vechulah

    • It’s not the towns fault. Do you think that they have millions of traffic lights stored somewhere and they can just grab a few and stick them in the ground whenever a resident mentions that one is needed here or there. It’s an entire process to install traffic lights and stop signs and I think that the township has been doing a great job rebuilding the entire infrastructure. It’s the population. I remember when I was a teenager in the 80s I could ride a bike on Drake Rd, white st and cross st and feel safe. Fast forward 30 plus years and now it’s a problem. The problem is overpopulation. Period. Developers keep adding more buildings, schools and housing wherever they see fit. Now there are kids everywhere on scooters, cars on top of each other and busses stopping every 2 blocks. I am nauseated whenever I hear of children are being hit by cars and drivers causing fatal accidents. It’s like a daily event. A traffic light will not solve anything. The damage is done. Developers and inspectors should have rebuilt the infrastructure first. It’s to late now, so maybe residents can get involved in ride share and carpools. That’s all be safe everyone.


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