MAILBAG: How Many Lakewood Store Owners Need to Be Punched in the Face?

To my fellow Lakewooders,

I am sorry that I needed to vent about this issue, but it is only getting worse.

There are unfortunately hundreds of boys and girls in our community who are not in yeshivas, don’t have jobs, and often have serious addiction issues such as drugs, alcohol, drinking, and gambling. They are roaming our streets wreaking havoc on our community, and not much is being done.

Where is our leadership to step in and confront the problem head-on? These neshamos are crying for help. Where are the askanim who turn over the world to get rabbanim to ban chumashim and entertainment apps? Where are the askanim who are devoted to solving the shidduch crisis, but apparently not the teenage vagrant crisis? Are hundreds of neshamos going to the garbage not worthy of all-out efforts to save them?

How many more cars do we need stolen? How many fires started? How many more stabbings? How many more drug overdoses? How many more shopping centers terrorized? How many more store owners punched in the face before we do something? What will it take?

We all know what happened last night, but my mark my words: It will get worse. A lot worse. If nothing is done, this will eventually result in violent deaths r”l.

This is not just a matter of quality of life, it is literally a matter of pikuach nefashos for these poor, lost souls. And it is a matter of chinuch too, as our children are receiving a terrible hashpaah from these troubled individuals.

Get them help. Askanim: do something. Now.

Name withheld upon request.

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  1. There are organizations who deal with kid of the derech – and they should be commended – but the numbers of kids OTD in Lakewood is staggering. It’s a big secret of course. Because Lakewood is the ir hatorah and there are no issues. Nah. None at all. Everything is just rosy.

    Just ask Hatzalah how many overdoses they had the past year. How many 14 year old girls stoned drunk ion the floor on Friday nights at the homes of total strangers.

    Maybe it’s time to hold Hatzalah accountable. maybe they should be forced to sing the true song. only after the community sees the real pain will we galvanize and get together.

    Enough is enough. Stop keeping everything a secret.

  2. We have BH many organizations! Not limited to Minyan Shelanu among many other askanim working tirelessly day and night to help these children. There are schools made specifically for these boys and girls, (who still don’t want to go). there are rehabs, therapy camps, drop in centers!

    THEY ALL NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS TO HELP THEM IN THIS MISSION! Do you know how hard it is to convince a teen to go to a drop in center? The organizations and Askanim need more people to assist them with physical time engaging our holy teens!

  3. These were normal kids , they needed understanding and help. All they got from yeshivas is the attitude it’s not our responsibility. They threw boys out of yeshiva instead of working to help them. Shame on you.

  4. You want to know whose fault this is?? I’ll tell you. It’s the kids fault. No one else’s. Not the school that threw them out not the parents that probably made some mistakes (and we all do) not the friends or the street or any other excuses we make for these kids. It’s their own responsibility and no one else’s. and until someone has the guts to get up and say that to them and to everyone that they themselves will pay for this behaviour and no one else this problem will continue. Teach some accountability. That’s what works.

  5. I Dont know what led up to it but when watching the video I clearly see that the adult is the one who clearly hit the kid first

    How would you react if you were 16 years old and a full grown man hit you in the face?
    Why is that part seemingly omitted from anywhere I’m seeing the storyline?

    Does this bother anyone else?

    On another note if you truly want to make a difference then offer them your love and acceptance. You’ll be shocked at what kind of difference you can make.


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