MAILBAG: How About Some Sensitivity?

Dear Editor,

I write this letter feeling extremely let down and disgusted. Maybe I should have waited a day or so until I cool down before I send this letter, but I can’t.

I thank and appreciate the frum websites that bring us minute-by-minute breaking news that is generally censored and customized for the frum person’s eyes and mind.

But how low have we sunk that we don’t even take a step back and look at what we sometimes do? In the midst of a serious tragedy, as a young yungerman is snatched from us, why do we feel the need to publicize and post the gory, uncensored video of the accident taking place?

It’s bad enough to have to read and post the unfortunate heartbreaking tragedy, but is there really any logical reason to post the video? The poor victim isn’t even buried yet.

Do some websites feel unaccomplished if they don’t post the video? Are we trying to teach a lesson on yenim’s cheshbon, while both grossing people out and breaking their hearts?

Unsigned and disgusted in Lakewood!

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  1. Maybe if they sensored even less and showed more graphic content people in Lakewood would wake up and drive normally and we wouldn’t suffer such loses! It’s getting worse every week. This should be a lesson. How many more have to die before we stop murdering our brothers and sisters with careless selfish driving!?

  2. Maybe perhaps if people see the video it will get them to use safety belts not talk on their cellphones while driving and otherwise drive like mentchin instead of everyone driving like a speed race without caring for others this video is a wake up call to all of us
    February stats for lkwd say their were 500 accidents yes 500!! And of those 150 had injuries
    Their is something MAJORLY wrong and don’t blame the infrastructure that’s only partially the problem the problem lie’s with us drivers

  3. Yes I agree. Now it is up to the editor to reply. By remaining silent it is an admission of guilt. Which in this case would be appropriate

  4. The video should be a must watch by all drivers so they can see and keep in mind that speeding can cause unforeseen disasters and making turns on Route 9 is a dangerous, although necessary, activity.

  5. I’m going to dare say this, I’m sorry if it’s not nice, but it should be said.
    To answer your question about the videos, many drivers here do such daring stupid moves, that maybe they need to see what an accident looks like in order for them to think twice before doing the move in traffic so as hopefully not to cause this again

  6. The video definitely made me more cautious when I drive! And yes the amount of accidents there are in Lakewood is insane!!!! ???????????? bh we have nissim every time till we get a shock like yesterday ????…

  7. To all those assuming a safety belt was not worn: shame on you! Safety belts often misfunction, especially when the force is in a spinning motion. Do some research before you run off your mouth.


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