MAILBAG: Hope Isn’t a Strategy

Dear Editor,

I’m sure most people are aware that the Lakewood Zoning Board recently approved a cell tower on 6th and Clifton and is expected to approve another cell tower on Georgian Court University property at their next meeting.

Many residents are worried that radiation from the towers could potentially cause severe illness r”l in them and/or their families, but have found the Lakewood Zoning Board’s ears closed to their concerns.

Some residents have filed a lawsuit against the cell tower on 6th and Clifton, but that isn’t enough; we must do more.

in 2003, Omnipoint wanted to put a cell tower antenna on the water tower located at 6th and Forest. Concerned neighbors got together, made a petition with hundreds of signatures,
obtained letters by doctors describing the dangers of cell towers, and hired a
lawyer to represent them. Each neighbor paid a portion of the lawyer’s fee. When all was said and done, the neighbors won and no cell tower was put up.

We must learn from that.

Instead of writing letters, please do something concrete. Organize a petition, go show it
to the township and as many people as you can, and hire a lawyer. A few neighborhoods have already been successful at preventing such a thing from occurring near their homes.

If something dangerous is being proposed in our town, near our homes, we need to take a stand against it. Hoping that things turn out well isn’t a strategy to keep yourself safe.

By the way, why isn’t the cell tower built on Squankum Road, where there is a
solar energy park anyway and where few people live?


A Concerned Resident

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  1. Cell towers are safe …. Just like the COVID Vaccine is safe and effective……

    Trust us – we’re the government!

    Oh wait……..

  2. We have a duty to do our hishtalus and rely on the Eibishte to do the rest, which will by definition be what is best for us, even if it means more cell towers. If that is called hoping things turn out well, then that is exactly what we should do. There is no obligation on us to make ourselves obnoxious to our neighbors. A lawsuit against the zoning board is certainly hishtalus. Only our Dayonim Shlita can decide if we need to do more.

  3. Just to know a Verizon representative said at the last board meeting that the tower on sqankam will be relocated so some good news


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