MAILBAG: Following Daas Torah Doesn’t Mean Putting Lives In Danger Is Acceptable

To the people of Lakewood,

We can do better! Our Rabbanim have spoken out against a group of individuals who are acting against Daas Torah, and it’s time for us to listen – but not take action. Over 100 Rabbanim from across the spectrum have come together to condemn this group’s actions, and it’s imperative that we respect their authority and follow their guidance.

However, I’m disappointed to see that some individuals are taking matters into their own hands and engaging with this group in a way that’s not only harmful but also dangerous. By taking action without consulting our Rabbanim, we’re not only disobeying their clear instructions but also putting people’s lives at risk and undermining the rabbanim themselves.

We shouldn’t be lowering ourselves to play in the gutter with those that have no value at all for Daas Torah. By taking any type of action in our own hands, without getting the approval of our Rabbanim, is inherently wrong. Moreover, the fact is that by doing so, we are potentially putting peoples lives in danger. I say that for two reasons.

Firstly, because this group of individuals obviously do not value life at all, as they have been forwarding countless prank calls to Hatzolah’s emergency line, some of which have come in the midst of serious calls taking place. So when you place a prank call to them, there is a good chance that you are hurting Hatzolah itself, not just Hatzulas Nefashos.

(On a side note, I’m really not sure why they’re trying hard to drag Hatzolah into this fiasco. My research has shown that during this entire time that Jackson Hatzulas Nefashos have been attempting to open, Hatzolah has not voiced their opposition or done anything to attempt to stop them. The reason obviously being, that this is not a Hatzolah issue at all. It is 100% a community issue, which is why the Rabbanim and askanim have taken the initiative to get involved.)

The second reason why people’s lives are in danger with the prank calls is that in some cases, Hatzulas Nefashos takes the call seriously and sends their personnel flying through Lakewood to go to a hoax emergency. This means that young, inexperienced, overexcited kids are speeding through Lakewood at a high rate of speed – for nothing! This is actually very serious and putting people’s lives in danger!

Let’s remember that this is a community issue, not a Hatzolah issue. Our Rabbanim and askanim have taken the initiative to address this problem, and it’s time for us to follow their lead. Let’s not stoop to the level of those who disregard Daas Torah and put lives in danger. Instead, let’s work together to build a community that values respect, authority, and the safety of all individuals.



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  1. Thank you for your letter, do alittle research everyone knows it , this letter by 100 rabonim was created by hatzolah, the hatzolah captains we’re the ones that went down to rabonims homes , harassed them, some never signed and they’re name still appeared on the letter, actually every day that passes more & more community people support this organization as it says in מסכת בבא בתרא when a competition opens up for buisness when there is only 1 it’s unhalachically however if it’s for מילי דשמיא than it’s a good thing as klal yisrael needs more than one, also since it’s opening hatzolah has tried to stop this initiative in every way possible look at Lakewoodalerts jackson jewishvolunteermust be stopped article aprox 1 year ago….., people are smarter than that let people live and stop being afraid of a new organization that can help this community

    • I asked my rav and he told me that representatives from both Hatzolah and HN came down to him over the past few months, and he only signed after doing his own deep research.

      • Well i also did and he said
        A) This letter is NOT what he signed
        B) he only signed anything cuz he was pressured from the people that “how can you not sign if everyone else is signing??”
        HERD MENTALITY and im sure thats how they got most ppl to sign

    • So you are of the opinion that Rabbonim are fools, and you are the first person to discover a גמרא in בבא בתרא that none of the leading Poskim and Rabbonim in Lakewood have ever seen.

  2. This “letter” is full of misinformation. Let me tell you what my research has uncovered:
    1) The new org has a vaad of rabbanim – mostly of the new chasidish communities in the areas around Lakewood.
    2) The org is run by experienced paramedics and EMT’s with years of experience, some of them being Hatzola members of other areas.
    3) They are made up of mature and experienced EMT’s and are not a bunch of kids as alleged.
    4) Hatzola of Central Jersey has made numerous efforts to shut them down, including interfering with the State regarding them getting a license. They have also interfered when requesting Paramedics from RWJH, as many of the RWJH are Hatzola medics and give the org and it’s patients a hard time.
    5) They are not forwarding prank calls. This is nothing more than a smear campaign.

    • Hmm, lets do some fact checking
      1) If they do have a vaad harabanim, why has not one rav come out in their support?
      2) None of their members are past members of ANY Hatzolah organization.
      3) Mature EMT’s don’t show up to accident scenes where they were not called to, and interestingly enough my cousins 21 yr old son is a member
      4) Can’t confirm or deny this because I (same as you) don’t have the info backing this up
      5) Call HN with a prank call and see what happens

      • Review ur facts man.
        1) They 100% do have rabbanim. Go do a drop of effort to find out who is backing them. Won’t take much
        2) You know?? U know any of them?? I do and I also know that ARE legit hatzalah members
        3) Mature EMT’s dont fight against another organization opening up to save lives. And who says someone didnt call the m to the scene?
        4) As opposed to you, CAN confirm thus, cuz I DO have info backing me up

  3. Truthfully I would love to hear something from the other side. All these letters and articles are all pushing Hatzalah side. And don’t answer me that it’s not kavod for the rabbonim to give them air time. If you were so confident that the position of the rabbonim make so much sense that all they’ll do is solidify the rabbonim then that’s the biggest kavod. All this leads me to be suspicious that there’s a lot more to the story than is being led on

  4. I was thinking that it must be so difficult for those involved here to climb off their high horses in public and say, “the Rabbanim have spoken, and we’re ready to accept”. Weather or not good intentions were meant from the get go, at this point where mega money was spent, mega hours, and a lot of embarrassment was absorbed, I’m sure it would be very challenging, but even that much more commendable by the community and the Rabbanim, if they actually complied.

    • Its hatzalah having a hard time climbing off their high horses, they are the one fighting it. The “100”Rabonim that signed this letter should sign letters to fix the broken school system and broken yeshiva system in the community and not fight back an organization that is doing nothing wrong. Tell us if there was 1 Rav that called the other side to confirm the allegations before they signed the letter. This is a one sided unfair fight.

  5. To Y.A.
    I greatly appreciate your letter and agree 100% that making prank calls is not the way to go. While I also believe that they should not be around especially now that over 100 Rabbinim came out against them, however, it’s also important to speak facts and if not it’s better left unsaid.
    I will explain, I was working on writing such a letter about having these people responding lights and sirens is not the way to go as this puts many people at risk. With that being said, the people I have seen driving HN cars and ambulances (I admit not to know every member) at least where I live have been people that look like they are older than their 20’s. Since I don’t know this for a fact I refrained from writing this letter.
    As far as CJH getting involved, I can’t speak to as I haven’t gotten that far in my research.

    • One of their members drives down my block high speed (when responding to calls) with full L&S, skipping stop signs etc.
      No one is above the law.
      I’ve witnessed it personally numerous time! TRAGEDY WAITING TO HAPPEN!

        • Simple,
          I am not affiliated with either Hatzolah or HN, but there are members from both organizations living in my development. And there is a big difference in the way they respond.
          The HN member drives carelessly to calls, and even though we as neighbors kindly asked him to be careful, he ignored us and continues.
          Sadly, since this happened parents in the area are scared to let their kids ride their bikes near the street.
          A member of a emergency organization should know and act better.

  6. Who do you think it was that went to the Rabbanim?? What do you mean why drag hatzola into the fiasco? It was Hatzola that created the fiasco by refusing to listen to the request of the communities in areas outside of Lakewood that requested additional members from their areas. If the new organization truly serves no purpose, then no one will call them, and they will cease to exist.
    If you see their cars and ambulances going lights and sirens, and you see them in the emergency room brining patients – as I myself have seen multiple times, then there obviously is a need. Since that organization was created, Hatzola suddenly took in almost 50 members, after resisting to do so for years. It is for that reason alone why this organization is worth it.
    As for the rabbanim that signed, everyone should ask a rav that they know that signed, and ask him why he did, what he was told, and did he speak to the other side – as required by halacha. You can also ask if the letter he signed was the same letter that was released. I did ask a few or the rabbanim, and the answers will make you sick.

  7. If you’re saying that HN does not take on young immature members, then why is there a video going around with one of HN squad car and girls coming out of it????
    Don’t say maybe he was on a call because he wasn’t if he saw if the video you know, If I was able to tag the video I would.
    They’re disgusting people they’re beating up kids for for prank calling them little kids
    They’re trying to shut down cj hatzolah because they didn’t accept him

    • What is this video that’s going around with one of HN squad car and girls coming out of it? Where is this video? This should definitely be made public if accurate. The only thing I can think of (if I want to give them the benefit of the doubt, which I’m not sure someone going against Rabbonim deserves) that perhaps these girls are the members daughters, which should be easy to verify.

      • Sadly there is such a video going around, and it wasn’t the daughter of any of their members.
        It is not our business what some teenagers in this town are nebech up to (Maybe we should open an organization for this) but the fact the Hatzolas Nefushes has these teens serving as members is very concerning.

    • Because the members use it as their personal car, and maybe it was his family?

      In fact, because of your post I reached out to a member I know and asked a bunch of questions. He told me that every car has dual cameras and everything is recorded and reviewed, so this could not have happened, other than it being the members family or a child of the member and her friends, or something similar.
      It helps to research and get the facts before you smear.
      I also confirmed, like many other hatzola organizations, they have bochurim in service roles, that do not interact with patients in any way. So just because you see a bochur driving their vehicle, doesn’t mean they’re treating patients.
      They’re not trying to shut cjh, the same way Breadberry didn’t try shutting gourmet glatt. They’re both here to serve the community.
      And the video in the yeshiva, he wasn’t beating up a kid, the story is the kids threw a bottle at him while he was treating a patient, and he was with the help of the security guard trying to lead the boy to the principal office.
      Yes they have Rabbanim, and the CJH knows who they are, as they met with them. I know of a rav who gave them the hilchos shabbos shiur (who also gives in other hatzola neighborhoods) who was threatened with his position if he continues to show support. The rabbanim are being intimidated by “askanim”. I am told that one rav who showed support was told that he won’t get permits for the shul expansion he was about to embark on.
      I also spike to a rav who signed who alluded to similar pressure.
      As for the prank calls, none were forwarded to CJH, and they made the call logs available to the department of health to prove it. It was cjh who complained to the DOH who investigated, and after seeing what was going on, it was they who got the authorities involved. HN did not go to the authorities.
      Please do your own research.
      #facts matter

      • According to the cheder story goes a bit different.
        Boys from a yeshiva next door prank called HN and they by mistake entered the cheder, kids started yelling at him and he grabbed the kid and dragged him to the Menahls office, where the menahl then threatened to call PD if he doesn’t immediately leave the building.
        If you have the recording with sound you can hear the security guard yelling at him to leave the kid alone.

        • It was not a prank call. There was a legitimate call going on at that time, and they were treating an actual patient. My son is in the yeshiva and friends with the patient. The yeshiva administrator is a CJH member and is part of the hit job.

  8. Let’s just remember Hatzolah and Hatzolah Nefashos are both exhilarated taxi services to get to the ER where you are actually treated. It’s not such a big deal who does the transport, both organizations have certified EMTs and medics, which means they have the training they need to do the job (additional training by the company could only go so far as EMT and medics are limited within a pretty small scope of practice). So who really cares who responds!!

  9. I just wanna put something out there. Just because the Rabbanim said something against this organization, (what they were told and signed is a different story) it does not give anyone the right to act the way they did. The chutzpah and immaturity of the pranksters is absolutely disgusting!! i have never seen such a thing!! And to think that adults are egging them on?? where have we fallen to???
    No one put it in your hands to take action! If the rabbanim want to do something, they will. Have no fear!! Di bist nisht G-ts politzai!!
    Whether they are right or wrong is a discussion. Dont believe one sided stories. And definitely dont take action on that!!

  10. Just wait for the authorities to start arresting the guys making pranks. They are a legitimate emergency service after all…..

  11. The reason Hatzola suddenly took in almost 50 members, is because they didn’t want HN to get them it wasn’t because Hatzalah wanted them so badly. Let’s be honest every person that wants to go into this field wants to be in Hatzalah, they also know that if they don’t have the right connection they will not get accepted. Not because their skills are not good or their education is not good. Everyone knows it’s not what you know it’s who you know. And Hatzalah could try and deny that all they want. HN EMT took the same course that hatzalah members did there is no difference in their education.

  12. Without taking any sides here, I laugh how everyone writes their opinion as if they are facts, and there’s no way to really fact check and prove most things stated. I too will state a fact, which you may not believe but perhaps you can check, the 2 paramedics that are members of HN, are only NY certified and are 100% USELESS in the state of NJ. Even if they were NJ certified, they would be useless at this time due to the way ALS is structured in NJ.

    • They are unable to do als interventions. They are still legal emt’s in nj, and have the ALS training and experience. They can do als diagnostics. They are both National Registry certified. The ALS structure in NJ is changing next year due to a law the governor signed last year. Hardly useless.

      • I guess if they need some life saving drugs, they tell them to call back next year… I’m not really too concerned, cause I know anyone with a real emergency wouldn’t call if they value their lives.

      • I am beyond shocked!! You finally admitted the truth. You currently have ZERO PARAMEDICS” that are capable of treating a patient. And the Rotzeach advertises all over that he has 10 paramedics on board. A real Shanda!!

      • So is Chas Vshulem a patient needs ALS intervention they will wait for RWJ to respond (Which can take anywhere between 15-25 min).
        Now thats called a responsible organization!

        • You are welcome to choose any agency you want to call. Every other Hatzola in NJ has no ALS, are they rochtzim?
          Not putting members near the new areas where people live, because as a CJH coordinator told a rav, if you choose to move to the boondocks, it’s not our problem and you need to accept an extended response time. That is a rotzeach.
          Delayed BLS is a bigger issue than delayed ALS.

  13. Everyone sounds like babies. Immature children. Stop fighting and act grown up! If you have an emergency just call the Hazolah number and not the other one and finished!!


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