MAILBAG: Don’t Judge My Marijuana Smoking. You Know Nothing About It

To those who need to hear this: I have been using marijuana for the last year because it has been the only thing providing me some relief ftom my stomach issues. I don’t know what I have and doctors are still trying to diagnose me.

Last night, I was smoking marijuana outside at 2 am. I generally try to smoke late so the smell won’t disturb neighbors (I’m already looked down upon because I’m not as yeshivish as my neighbors). When one of the neighbors came home with their family, they didn’t see me, but they smelled the marijuana. And they began making comments – not positive ones.

I heard them and honestly I was mortified. I felt so bad from it! No, there was no marijuana party happening. No, I wasn’t just “smoking up.”

I felt your disgust towards me. I am not a bad person and I am definitely not throwing drug parties. How could you say something like that? What about Dan L’Kaf Zchus?

I lost almost half my body weight this year, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, and I’m just trying to get a little relief. Is that too much to ask for?

Please remember you never know who can hear you and you never know what someone is going through.



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  1. So sorry to hear that and that is unpleasant. I feel it’s very hard for people to give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to smoking even though there are people who need it for medical purposes. My mother in law has multiple sclerosis and before marijuana was legal she would get it by prescription because it would helps with ms symptoms (she doesn’t smoke it because she has allergic reaction to it). Maybe if you can just be honest with them and in a nice way tell them that you have a medical condition so then they can understand what you’re going through and that you’re not just going and getting “high” and having parties and that you tried to be secrete about it this whole entire time (because you were trying to be respectful towards others etc) that no one should feel uncomfortable or have any wrong thoughts but using it as a medical medication maybe that way they would be more understanding. Maybe that way they will think twice and then be able to judge favorably

  2. I know nothing about you, but I actually know very much about your marijuana. I’m a licensed addiction specialist. And marijuana is a highly addictive drug. It destroys brains and it destroys lives. Some of the brain damage is irreversible after only your second joint. Shame on this website for putting out an article that can lead uninformed people to think that marijuana is safe. It isn’t. Good luck with your health challenges. I’m sure the people who know you and love you are not judging YOU, they’re judging your marijuana use. Refuah Sheleima.

    Shim Frankel, LCSW


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