MAILBAG: Don’t Ask Me to Pay for You to Act Normal

It’s that day of the year again: Superbowl Sunday. In case you somehow don’t know, the Superbowl is the championship game of the NFL – the world’s premier American football league. What today also is, is a day when dozens of bochurim text me, call me, email me – all unsolicited, of course – to donate to their yeshiva because it will be holding a Superbowl seder.

What this essentially means is that yeshivas will have their bochurim learn instead of watching the Superbowl, or at least have them learn during the halftime show, and they ask baalei batim to sponsor the fun the yeshiva will give them – including usually takeout food, some entertainment, etc.

Look, I’m all for more learning. But I went through the mainstream yeshiva system too, and never once did I or my yeshivas ever ask for someone to donate to them because we kept regular sedarim. And guess what – the Superbowl is played during regular yeshiva night seder.

So what exactly do you want? You want me to give you money because you’re doing your job as a yeshiva bochur? Huh? Do I ask you to give me money because I read my kids a bedtime story even on Superbowl Sunday?

I was very happy to hear it when a friend sent me a voice note from famed orator Rabbi Greenspan, who tore apart this concept in a striking two-minute rant. Kudos to Rabbi Greenspan and his media company, Greenspan Media, for putting out this message.

I’ve attached his message below.

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  1. You sound like you are very bitter at the Yeshivas and Rosh Yeshivas. Everybody understands that yeshivas have to shoulder a massive financial burden, and we know that the bachurim are not getting paid to learn.

    Do you also attack Chai Lifeline for doing a Bike For Chai? Do you complain that you shouldn’t have to pay someone to ride a bike?

    Please don’t attack our heilige yeshivos and our chashuve yeshiva bachurim. They are the foundation of Klal Yisroel, and you should be grateful and supportive of them.

    I am surprised that this “Torahdik” site would even post this anti Torah post.

  2. Fake news Greenspans voice note was specifically about rabbi Senters Yeshiva which is in Eretz Yisroel and learning is way after nightseder and throughout the whole night so instead of guys staying up and watching the game not not showing up to seder the next day they learning the entire night and have food and speakers to keep it entertaining so the guys show up and don’t watch the game.

  3. Dear Yid,

    I don’t know what yeshivos you have attended in your life, but as a person who attended this yeshiva, I think your message is a grave mistake and misunderstanding of the impact this night brings to these bochurim, I myself an avid sports fan, while growing up, missing the super bowl broadcast was a unimaginable event. I then attended this yeshiva, and the emphasis that the yeshiva places on not watching the game is not about that it’s all tumah or being not productive, rather it’s to teach these bochurim a lesson, that just because the world gravitates to an event, does not mean that you must as well, to teach them to be able to stand up to true beliefs. If you look around the yeshivas in israel, the ones who do not hold events as such, many of their bochurim are out watching the game anyways, whether it be in bars or what not, and forget the fact they watched the game, it actually kills the rest of their week, by being up late, next morning not being able to learn well, if this yeshiva would not have such an event they probably also would stifle their bochurims growth. Thinks night has taught me so much about myself, that I find your comments coming from a disturbing place. Now about you not wanting me to fundraiser for this, I would like to point out this article posted on the Lakewood alerts webpage, I find comical, given that the majority of the yeshivos in Lakewood, make parents sign forms about internet and having it filtered, hold Asifos against technology, yet when it comes to fund raising, it’s permissible for every parent to have what’s app and whatever other social media platforms are available. As long as it’s beneficial. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a yeshiva, who as it’s only fund raiser of the year, to show the world that their bochurim fight the nature of our current climate and show they are better than the world for what they do.
    I have no issue with any moisad finding whatever methods needed to be able to raise much needed funds for their yeshivos, but the argument here that your donating to a yeshiva because they don’t watch the Super Bowl is just a moronic take. Your supporting Torah, it’s not different than any yeshiva holding a parlor meeting. Your take to try to hurt a yeshiva from fund raising is quite horrible I must say. Whether this was my yeshiva or not.

  4. So just to set the record straight, senters yeshiva is located in ey which means this seder is about 1 to 4 am not during regular night seder time.. So ya get your facts straight before you go on a rant..

  5. Anyone that starts with, “In my days…” is clearly out of touch with the needs of today’s generation. (Spoken by a mother whose bochur has no idea what/when/how the Super Bowl takes place, but recognizes that other parents are faced with different nisyonos.) You don’t want to give? Don’t. But don’t judge the mosdos that are trying their best to keep the bochurim on track in 2023 with all that the outside world has to offer.

  6. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I searched for this campaign and made a donation as a Z’chus for your insanity… Continue using grreenspannn to promote chizuk for the klal, your stupidity shines!

    , “Rabbi Greenspan” is a troll account who creates parodies of bitter yeshivish guys preaching. (Often quite hilarious.)
    He’s popular on Twitter and YouTube known as Awkward Bachur @endimem_music
    Creator of Rabbi Greenspan, Pinchos Lurkowitz, Reb Zelig, Pale Yungerman, Baruch Kreeper the crockpot show and more see on
    This wasn’t meant to be taken serious, everyone just live life.

  8. Enough with Ywn and it’s affiliate websites posting subtle and not so subtle hit pieces attempting to portray the Kollel/yeshivah life as pathetic.



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