MAILBAG: Doesn’t Anyone Care About Bochurim?

We know that everyone is busy talking about all the hock and shtusim going on, but what people are really missing is a massive decision that will severely us as bachurim.

At the end of last week, the FDA said that Juul can no longer sell its products and any products that are already on shelves have to be taken down. If you don’t know what Juul is, they make vaping products. Bochurim enjoy these products – they’re a great, safe outlet.

We know that many people despise vaping products and think they and whoever uses them is terrible. But vaping is actually a lot safer than the alternative, which is cigarettes.

Just a few years ago, walking into the BMG Irv dorm was like walking into a burned out home. It stank of cigarettes. Now, it smells fresh and clean. You know why? Because vapes came around. You know how it used to be common to walk past an eatery and smell the stink of tobacco as you watched bochurim loitering outside? You don’t get that anymore, thanks to vapes.

Again, we aren’t under any illusions that vaping is the safest thing to do. But it’s a lot safer than smoking, according to pretty much any medical authority. And besides, what else should we do?

If you’re not in yeshiva yourself, you probably have no idea how challenging it is. You probably have no idea how few things we can do without being attacked, called lowlifes, or generally admonished. We are expected to learn and that’s it. Like robots. Can’t we have one thing to do?

So we vape. So what? People do a lot worse, but we get the heat for our little transgression which helps get us through the day. Are there no other major pressing problems that you can focus your bored attention on?

This decision by the FDA isn’t controlled by anyone who will read this. But it should remind everyone that we are suffering. We have so little going for us, we hav so few outlets that society considers “kosher.” And now, we have one less thing we can do. We are hurting, for real.

Does anybody care?


A Disgruntled Group of Bochurim

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  1. Your not forced to be a yeshiva bochar. If you feel so sorry for yourselves go and work, like that’s a solution to all your yeshiva bochar problems!

  2. That’s pure bu****** that you need to vape to get through the day. If a person needs an outlet to get through the day in yeshiva you should use a gym or play sports that’s a healthy outlet. Do not go around pouting that people look down on you for vaping. That will cause you a lot of damage in the long run to your lungs. In a functional yeshiva they should put president on keeping a person body healthy that a young Bochur can learn to his full potential instead of looking into alternative so called “outlet” to get through the day.

  3. This letter (and most letters posted by Lakewood alerts) are fake and made up. No-one ever sent this and they are trying to promote their site with this nonsense.
    Grow up. Its actually quite unhealthy according to almost anyone qualified to comment on them.

  4. I agree more outlets should be available but vaping should not be on of them. And if you think vaping smells of fresh air you might be around it too much.

  5. There was no smoking in the Irv long before vaping. I was a bachur there 15 years ago and no one smoked indoors.

  6. The question is how did the bochurim get hooked on nicotine in the first place? They can get off nicotine with the help of step down dosing nicotine patches & psychotherapy on how to cope with life. Lucky that these yeshivos take these boys. Some yeshivas kick those boys out & then the boys go off the derech. So much aggravation for a solvable addiction. A rachmanus on these boys.

  7. This is real stupidity, like how did this article even get up there? Probably some random 16y/o trying to be geshmak. Guys everyone calm down, it’s gonna be aight

    Who ever wrote this I’ll will try to say it nicely but no I’m Sorry you have absolutely no idea what your talking about idk where your sources for medical that it’s better to vape actually medical study’s show that vaping is far Worse in many ways to try to sum it up NICOTINE SLOWS DOWN BRAIN DEVELOPMENT IN BOTH CIGARETTES & VAPING THE VAPE JUICE CORN OIL IN MANY CONTAINS A
    TOXIC CHEMICAL THAT CAUSES CANCER FROM PESTICIDES (The source of corn oil here is low quality)
    Sorry But you are wrong 😑 do your research Now to say that someone needs this to get through their day I’m sorry anything that you inhale that is artificial you definitely don’t need that that’s ridiculous there are many more normal healthy “outlets” that you can do a lot of people live with out this Garabge! I don’t want to get into the “ISURIM” that re involved in these things.
    Oh and nebach to you if you need this to get through your day!

  9. Honest opinion.. why not let everyone do what they want to. Want to harm yourself? Go ahead. Want to make a vaping asifa? Go ahead!

  10. Honest opinion, why not let Avery one do what they want to. Want to harm yourself? Go ahead. Want to make a vaping asifa? Go ahead. Stop judging.


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