MAILBAG: Bochurim Getting 10% CASH Commission From Tzedakah Collecting? THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!

Dear Editor,

It appears that last year’s method of collecting funds for yeshivos – bochurim calling donors rather than going to them on Purim itself – is staying around for this year, and possibly for many years going forward.

In all honesty, it doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. First of all, when I was a bochur, Purim was day that we looked forward to the entire winter zman and it literally helped us get through the long, cold winter months, and particularly during ibber years, like this one is. For one day, bochurim have the chance to let loose. Why are we taking that away from them?

Second, but more importantly, I don’t see how bochurim calling potential donors cuts down on bittul torah. In the past, bochurim would take one day out of the year to go around and collect money. Now, they don’t take Purim off but instead take time out of their regular learning days to call donors. How does this fix anything? How is it preferable to collecting on Purim? You’re just learning less on days that are not Purim in order to be able to learn on Purim.

And third, perhaps most controversially, I was told by several bochurim calling me for money that their yeshivah is giving them a commission, sometimes up to 10%! So if a bochur collects $20,000, they’re getting $2,000 – IN CASH. Who ever heard of such a thing? Talk about being spoiled. I never, ever imagined such a thing when I was a bochur.

I don’t know what’s going on in the world these days, but I sure don’t like it.

Anonymous in Lakewood

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  1. How come this letter writer does not have the guts to put their name down? Why are you anonymous? Have some guts and put a name, any name!

    As far as them getting paid for moneys collected, these kids are going out of their comfort zone. No one likes making phone calls for money, no one should ever like making phone calls for money but they’re going out of their comfort zone and they’re bringing money into the Yeshiva. When they bring money into the Yeshiva it’s a win-win situation for everyone. It’s a win-win for the Yeshiva, and it’s a win-win for the boy because he gets not only the money but he also benefits from the other 90% .

    If you’re so concerned about the extra money that they’re making, give an extra 10% Plus to cover that. Or better yet, better idea, why are you getting paid for something you do? Do it for free! Do it for the love of it! Whatever job it is that you do that you’ve made your million bucks on KNH, do it for free.

    Until then you’re just a big talker.

  2. Absolutely agree with letter writer…3 very vichtige points! This is ridiculous. And yes why are we taking purim away from them….?

  3. There are organizations that are paying 35-40% of the profit margins, just because it’s an easier method and not done on Purim itself doesn’t mean they can’t make a small percentage, what is so shocking about buchrim getting a small incentive?

    • Seriously? Hand Bochrim 2 GRAND CASH? Are you sick? Do you know what Bochrim do with 2 grand cash today?

      Get your head out of the sand buddy.

  4. This is a load of garbage. I have a few sons in different yeshivas and none of them are getting any money for it. They enjoy it and it makes them feel good helping their yeshiva. As far as bittul Torah, the calls are being done by lunch, supper or after night Seder, not during Seder. And yes, many Bochurim enjoy a geshmake mesiba with learning in their yeshiva at night.

  5. i have children and nephews who said this and recieved many calls by lunch and supper not 1 during seder and no comishion taken
    i think whoever wrote this just dosnet want to give money

  6. Dear letter bag writer: I was wondering with so many issues in the world, what is the most pressing one that is just outrageous in capitol lettering?
    Now I got the answer. Those Bachurim!
    Sir, take a chill in life. There are many problems out there. This is not necessarily one of them.


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