MAILBAG: An Open Letter to the Howell Police Department

I have always been appreciative of police officers and the work they do to keep us safe and secure. But I don’t think I had ever had an experience where I got to see firsthand how they use their skills to make sure we are safe while at the same time keeping a situation calm and orderly – until Wednesday night.

I was taking my son from our home in Lakewood to the Grebow Shopping Plaza to receive a prize from Mishkan Yosef for the hard work my child put in over Purim raising funds for the organization. He deserved the prize we were going to get.

Upon arriving near the shopping plaza, I was struck by the beauty of it all. It wasn’t just a few kids straggling in to get a prize – there were hundreds and hundreds of children streaming in just as we were! Unfortunately, this was causing really bad traffic issues in the area and was forcing people – ourselves included – to park on the opposite side of the roadway just to be able to get to the shopping plaza.

Just as we arrived, so did Howell police officers, who appeared stunned themselves by the number of people heading to the plaza, which is busy even on a “quiet day.”

The officers kindly informed us that they would need to discuss the situation with the organizers of the giveaway because people were being placed at risk of getting severely hurt as they tried crossing the 9 on foot to get to the shopping plaza.

Some people were upset over the situation – they had traveled out here only to be turned away. I wasn’t and my son wasn’t because we recognized how they were simply looking out for our safety. Of course it was upsetting to be turned away for a short while, but is that worse than losing your life? Of course not.

Despite the stress that came along with their need to temporarily shut down the event, every police officer we encountered was kind, respectful, and carried themselves with the utmost professionalism and respect. I didn’t feel targeted or harassed; I felt cared for.

I wanted to use this opportunity to thank those police officers and the officers from the Howell Police Department for ensuring that we were safe, our children were safe, and that the prize giveaway could go on without the risk of somewhat chas v’shalom getting hit by a car.

A grateful Lakewood parent

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  1. appalled at the disgusting attack by a frum news outlet against our police. is that how we act now? wait until they need the help of the police

  2. TLS for months already is on a smear campaign against Howell Police. The officers and Chief Andrew Kudrick are very fine people. Anyone who met them can attest to that. They are always there when our community needs them. Thank you Howell Police! Keep up your good work!

    P.s. I posted a similar comment on TLS but they took it down because it didn’t fit their narrative. Boycott the cancel culture. Thank you Lakewood Alerts for being the voice of the people!

      • That’s simply not true! I met him personally and know many who did and always a pleasure to deal with. If you want to believe the lies being spewed from TLS, go to TLS and spew. They are in a personal fight with Kudrick and grab every opportunity to bash him.

    • TLS has been boycotting and blocking people for years. If you write a comment against them, they block you for life. Communist Russia.

  3. Thank you Lakewood Alerts for standing up for the truth in this article and in many others.

    I had enough of reading TLS website.
    It is so one sided, every article and comment has to fit their narrative.
    It’s not accurate news of what’s going on in the Lakewood area.

    Lakewood Alerts – Hope you are successful at becoming the no. 1

  4. I hope lkwd alerts will be open to let people express their point of view as long as it’s not personal just about issues that effect us that’s great that’s something TLS doesn’t allow if your view doesn’t hold up with theirs they will block you

  5. Why are a these comments against TLS being posted publicly…if you are not a fan, stop getting their status updates…don’t go to another site to bash…where are we coming to? This is definite parts of loshon hora


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