MAILBAG: A Solution to Lakewood’s Accident Nightmare

It often feels almost inevitable that when driving through Lakewood someone will do something stupid on the road. Crashes are all too commonplace, and while it’s easy to blame it on congestion, which isn’t any driver’s fault, the reality is that many accidents occur because people are rushing and performing risky maneuvers on the road.

The crashes don’t have to happen. If people slowed down, drove defensively, and avoided taking every possible step to get to where they’re trying to go ten seconds faster, I am sure that the rate of accidents – and injuries resulting from them – would dramatically decline.

The question, of course, is how to go about doing this. Every driver knows that safe driving is essential. But not everyone does it. So what are we to do?

The solution, I think, lies with the Lakewood Police Department. They don’t even have to increase traffic enforcement or write more tickets. They just have to be there.

Let me explain. Accidents happen all over Lakewood, but there are a number of roadways and intersections that are particularly prone to crashes. Some examples include Cedarbridge and Clover, Clover and the 88, Cedarbridge and New Hampshire. There are many more, of course. But the point is that those areas should have a police officer there at all times.

The obvious fact is that people drive more carefully when there is a police officer in sight. Drivers don’t pull stupid and reckless stunts, they don’t swerve around other vehicles, and they don’t speed. Nobody wants a ticket.

So, the solution to the accidents nightmare is, I think, placing police officers in their cars, perhaps with their lights flashing, at and near areas that see a high rate of traffic accidents. Instead of them simply responding to scenes, they can be stationed there, thereby ensuring that drivers will be careful, pay attention to the road, and not do anything stupid.

Yisroel B. 


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  1. One thing everyone seems to ignore which I believe is the main cause of so many accidents, is the prevalent use of handheld phones while driving among those in our community. I am actually shocked at how many people I see doing this. I moved to Lakewood from New York and I have never before seen this phenomenon this way. I even had to question whether phone use while driving was legal in New jersey! Why aren’t the r a b b o n i m coming out and making a campaign against handheld phone usage while driving? It is illegal, dangerous, and a chillul Hashem!

  2. Minimizing the congestion side just covers up for the politicians who were warned time &time again that it would have deadly consequences !!
    As far as I’m concerned the unholy alliance between the greedy developers and the commities handing down the building permits is hugely to blame for this phenomenon ❕
    As far as I’m concerned they have blood on their hands❗❗

  3. 100% true! However, there’s one problem. Lakewood PD has a shortage of police officers. They don’t have nearly enough to officers to service the town, and it is a big problem. They also can’t just hire new officers, as it is a long process and can only hire officers who live in Lakewood. They need between 40-75 new officers, and until they get more, they won’t be able to implement this plan. That’s also why you barely ever see them on the road. If they have a call, or MVA etc, they get tied up for an hour just responding and returning from the call, let alone the time spent on scene.

  4. The real problem is these people who continue building more houses and the zoning board who is allowing it they are bringing more people then Lakewood can handle and the congestion is what making people drive recklessly because that’s the only way to get where you need to go or you’ll be sitting in traffic for days!


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