Longtime Brick Assemblyman John Catalano Stepping Down: “Can’t Get Anything Done In The Minority Party”

Longtime Republican New Jersey State Assemblyman John Catalano is contending for the Brick mayorship against Democrat Lisa Crate, choosing not to run for reelection to his state seat.

The reason? Catalano said that, being a Republican, he simply can’t get anything done at the state level.

“I’ve been really happy doing the Assembly job,” Catalano told the Asbury Park Press. “But my heartstrings weren’t being pulled anymore by Trenton. When you’re in the minority, and you’re trying to do what’s right for the people, it’s very difficult to get any bills, partisan or nonpartisan,… to a committee or onto the Assembly floor.”

“I didn’t feel like being in Trenton, I was able to give back to the people,” he added. “You would want to do something and you’d never see it done.”

His comments are prescient when taking into account the heated race between incumbent Republican Assemblyman Ned Thomson and his challenger, Democrat Avi Schnall, in his neighboring district.

Schnall has made this very argument his primary one throughout his campaign, saying that a Republican legislator cannot do anything at the state level, pointing to Thomson’s dismal legislative record over his seven years in office as evidence of this.

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  1. I Sent a email message to asmcatalano@njleg.org on October 27, 2023 asking if the people in NJ who are disabled and under 65 year’s old be able to use the SENIOR SERVICES bus but there was no response back. I included my address in the email. I just found this email on November 5, 2023 so if the situation can be addressed I would like to hear about it by mail or by email address at this email address jmlstewart@msn.com. take care Jennifer Stewart

  2. Which begs the question: if Avi Schnall supports the exact same policies as did Catalano and Thomson, which the evil Dems despise, are the Dems suddenly going to do a 180 and support pro-life, pro-law enforcement, pro-2nd amendment and pro-private school tuition relief policies simply because Schnall has a ‘D’ after his name? Sorry…but not a chance! The NJ state Democrat committee gave Schnall the endorsement for purely PR purposes: “look, we have the support of an Orthodox Jew”, but will lock him out of all policy debates if/when he doesn’t toe the shmutz party line. Very sad.


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