Local Police Warn That New iPhone Update Puts Your Private Info, Photos At Risk

The Manchester Police Department on Monday issued a warning to residents about a new iPhone update that recently rolled out.

If you have an iPhone and have done the recent iOS 17 update, they have set a new feature called NameDrop, defaulted to ON.

This feature allows the sharing of your photos, contacts and more by bringing two phones close together.

“While this transfer process does require approval, our intent is to make you aware of this new update so you can be informed and choose the settings that are best for you and your family,” police said.

If you would like to disable this feature, go to:
• Settings
• General
• AirDrop
• Bringing Devices Together
👉Change to OFF.

PARENTS: Don’t forget to change these settings after the update on your children’s phones, also, to help keep them safe as well!

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