Life-Saving PSA From Hatzolah Of Central Jersey

Following a spate of emergencies in which every second counts, Hatzolah of Central Jersey is urging residents to make sure the address posted outside their homes is lit-up and clearly visible from the street.

When seconds count – when a person isn’t breathing or choking, or there’s a severe allergic reaction – every second can mean the difference between life and chalila a tragedy.

When Hatzolah members are rushing to a home or business in critically urgent situations, the difference between a lit-up address and one that is dark and/or hard to see, is massive – seconds at the least, and minutes at worst.

“Lit-up addresses are not expensive – lives are,” a Hatzolah representative said.

Hatzolah’s EMTs are waiting to help you – all they need is a little bit of your help, too.

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