LEVAYA REPLAY: Young Lakewood Couple Tragically Killed In Garden State Parkway Crash

An awful accident on the Garden State Parkway on Monday tragically claimed the lives of a young Lakewood couple, both of whom were approximately 30 years old.

Eli and Raizy Neydavoud z”l were traveling on the Garden State Parkway at mile marker 104.2 in Tinton Falls at around 8:30 PM Monday as they headed to a wedding, when their vehicle reportedly collided with a snow plow, tragically killing both of them.

Compounding the tragedy, Raizy a”h was in her eigth month of pregnancy with the couple’s first child.

Eli z”l was a native of Los Angeles – one of eight children of R’ Chaim Yitzchak and Jasmin. His mother was at the wedding Eli and his wife were heading to; his father immediately left to Lakewood from Los Angeles when informed of the terrible news.

Raizy a”h was from Lakewood – a daughter of R’ Dovi and Mrs. Sarah Rothenberg.

The siblings of R’ Eli are: Yehuda Neydavoud, Rivka Neydavoud, Yosef Chaim Neydavoud, Aviel Neydavoud, Ayelet Abramov, Devorah Mizrachi, and Yael Moeinzadeh.

The siblings of Mrs. Neydavoud are: Yossie Rothenberg, Yitzchok Rothenberg, Nochum Rothenberg, Kuppy Rothenberg, Pinchos Rothenberg, Shneur Rothenberg, Esti Eidelman, Slavie Goldberger, Zissi Tyberg, and Chana Aidel Berkowitz.

The levaya is scheduled to take place at 3:30 PM today, Tuesday, at the Lakewood BOE Gym, across from the Lakewood Chapel. Kevurah will take place in the nearby Bais Olam.

Baruch Dayan Ha’Emes.

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