Lakewood Township Committee Approves 2 New Traffic Lights on Route 9

The Lakewood Township Committee has unanimously passed an ordinance to go into an agreement with the New Jersey Department of Transportation to construct two much-needed traffic signals at Route 9 and Oak Street, and at Route 9 and Broadway/Chateau Drive.

These two intersections are some of the busiest in Lakewood, with terrible traffic jams occurring each day due to the difficult traffic pattern and attempts by people coming from side streets to turn onto Route 9.

There have been extensive efforts to get the state to pay for the widening Route 9 – a state road – but the New Jersey Department of Transportation has balked on doing so, citing prohibitive costs that would run into the hundreds of millions.

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  1. Bravo, This is LONG needed in town and will absolutely help the pedestrians cross rt 9 safely and will slow down the traffic and open up spaces where cars have a chance to pull out from secondary roads There are many, many intersections such as Prospect and Massachusetts, James and Williams, Gudz and New Egypt Rd, John St and Rt9, Albert and Pine, Washington and Pine or White St and Cross as examples where cars have difficulty pulling out because of constant traffic and pedestrians are in danger, especially children!

    Looking forward to many more to stop the accidents, slow down the traffic and make it safer for the children and pedestrians!


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