Lakewood to Make Emergency Volunteers Eligible for Tuition Credits

Lakewood Township is planning to use a state law that would allow it to provide a $600 per year tuition credit to volunteer emergency responders, including Hatzolah, EMS, fire department, and others.

The Volunteer Tuition Credit Program will be made available to the volunteers themselves, as well as their spouses and children, if applicable. The tuition credit, however, may not work for young children’s tuition; it can only be used at a participating institute of higher learning, vocational schools, or technical schools.

The program will be led by a representative from each participating emergency agency, with a rep for Hatzolah, a rep for EMS, and so on.


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      • Kishmo kein hu.
        At least LNN doesn’t bashmutz good people trying to protect their neighborhoods from mafia-type school administrators that step all over their neighbors and do mesirah on them. Lakewood Alerts is made for grube balabatim from out of town that enjoy making public machlokes and taking sides with the mafia without even trying to understand both sides, just so they can get ratings.

        • What’s considered a gruba baal habos? Limushul. is LAZER scheiner from “out of town” a “gruba baal habos” trying to “get ratings”?

          What about the other LAZER?

          Asking a friend?

        • Right right. You mean your buddy TLS spitting in the face of the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva, all gedolei olam, isn’t a “grube balabatish” move? Not making “public machlokes”?

          Yesh din vyesh dayan.


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