Lakewood Residents Fed Up With Multiple Street Closures During Rush Hour

Frustration is growing for Lakewood residents and drivers in the areas of Washington Street and John Street as the township installs what they say are unnecessary sidewalks while shutting down the roads to traffic.

“Nobody lives on Washington Street. We don’t need or even want sidewalks. What we want is the ability to drive,” one resident told Lakewood Alerts.

While John Street does have some residents, shutting down the street for days on end has many MLK-area residents incensed.

“It doesn’t make any sense,” one said. “We live in one of the busiest areas of Lakewood. Why are they shutting down the traffic in middle of the day?


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  1. Washington NEEDS sidewalks. So many people walk to camp and schools from Pine Street and Spruxe Street neighborhoods!!! Should we wait for a tragedy c”v first?
    As a resident of Spruce Street, yes it has been challenging but not everything can be done when it worms for everyone.

  2. It’s lakewood, the town is a dump. Inhabited by trash. The town is doomed and only getting worse as it’s spilling into surrounding towns

  3. Does anyone remember when Lakewood was somewhat normal? Of course not! Cause its NEVER been a normal place!
    Good luck to the ones moving in there now… they’re gonna need it!


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