Lakewood Police Host “Fit For Blue” Wellness Initiative

Lakewood Police Department (LPD) Headquarters recently hosted a special celebration to honor and appreciate the dedicated officers in blue, recognizing their steadfast commitment and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Commemoration officials, including Chief Gregory H. Meyer and Shrage Pinter, championed the FIT FOR BLUE initiative, a program designed to kick start New Year’s resolutions and encourage a wellness-focused lifestyle that reflects the commitment of these leaders to the officers’ overall well-being.

Chief Gregory H. Meyer and Shrage Pinter played instrumental roles in making the event memorable, ensuring that officers received FIT FOR BLUE boxes as tokens of support. These boxes, generously provided by Shrage Pinter, symbolize a tangible encouragement for officers to prioritize their health and embrace an active lifestyle.

Beyond celebrating the officers’ dedication, the LPD Headquarters event, with the guidance of Chief Gregory H. Meyer and Shrage Pinter, created a platform for building camaraderie and unity within the LPD. As the New Year unfolds, the FIT FOR BLUE initiative will continue to emphasize the department’s commitment to ensuring officers are well-equipped to face challenges with resilience and vitality.

Lakewood Police Chief Gregory H. Meyer said, “We are commending and expressing gratitude for our committed law enforcement officers! We all embrace a wellness-focused lifestyle and advancing New Year’s resolutions through the FIT FOR BLUE initiative. Thanks to Shrage Pinter, savor the FIT FOR BLUE box to inspire a healthier version of yourself!”

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