Lakewood Police Adding Additional Patrols Over Buffalo Gunman’s Manifesto

Lakewood Police Chief Greg Meyer says his department will increase patrols across town in response to the mass shooting in Buffalo and subsequent finding of the gunman’s manifesto, which singled out Lakewood and other Jewish communities.

“We are working with our law enforcement partners in providing extra security for our community,” Chief Meyer said as part of a release announcing the additional patrols.

Law enforcement and security officials have said that despite the gunman’s manifesto, there are no known threats to Jewish communities in Lakewood or elsewhere in New Jersey at this time.

The additional patrols are intended solely to provide a precautionary added measure of protection and should worry residents.

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  1. The police cant be everywhere.They only arrive after the fact!
    Only an armed citizenry could help prevent such an attack!
    I have no doubt that if this creton racist & anti-semitic lunatic would have known that the shoppers in the Buffalo supermarket were armed that he wouldn’t even dream of doing his dasderdly deed!
    Once it becomes known that the Jews are arming themselves either in Lakewood or Monsey or any other community, I have no dout these cowards will be looking elsewhere!
    They like to prey on the weak and the vulnerable. So why are we deliberately doing this to
    ourselves ❕
    Haven’t we learned anything from the
    Holocaust ❗❗
    Any rabbi that actively campaigns against our people arming themselves and resists hiring armed guards for their shuls,if God forbid something happens then they will have blood on their
    hands ❗❗
    When I was in the Bal Harbor shul in Miami (Chabad) there was an ex military armed guard at the entrance!
    Is Lakewood really safer than this upscale Miami neighborhood ⁉️
    What ever happened with hishtadlus/doing our part and then leaving the rest up to Hashem ❗


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