Lakewood Planning Board Approves 2 New Shuls

The Lakewood Planning Board approved the construction of two new shuls in Lakewood at Tuesday night’s meeting, though one received significant pushback from residents.

An application to construct the Rachmastrivka Shul at the corner of Oak and Vine was approved after receiving 3 out of 6 board member votes, but with two abstentions and one no-vote, leading to its default approval.

Residents in the area voiced concerns that the shul’s location would exacerbate already high levels of traffic in the area, also noting that the application only provides for 15 parking spots at a shul that is expected to be high-volume.

Several Board members concurred with the residents’ concerns but said the township’s ordinances allow for it.

The Planning Board also voted 3-2 to approve the construction of a second shul to be located at the corner of Arlington Ave. and Pine Street. The applicants said the shul will primarily be used on Shabbos and would not add much to the crushing daily traffic on Pine Street.

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    • Why disgusting?
      you obviously don’t live in Oak and Vine because there are no shuls with parking lots as opposed to this new shul which will provide parking and is not as busy as any intersection in Oak and Vine!!!

      • Sadly I do live in Oak & Vine but appreciate you knowing better. The area is already uninhabitable. The building needs to stop! If you live in Lakewood you should know 15 parking spaces for a shul is nothing but a disaster in itself.

  1. I think it is a beautiful thing to have another shul within walking distance to a lot of people as far as the parking is concerned it has nothing to do with the planning board they have to follow the township guidelines which this application conformed actually at the end! needed no variances so of course, it was approved
    As far as traffic and safety are concerned this corner has a light signal and there are a lot of busier corners in Lakewood that have shuls on corners without lights or even a stop sign!!!

      • Unfortunately there are accidents all over Lakewood at every intersection and the new shul or the 15 parking spaces will really not add anymore traffic than there is already
        Honestly I don’t understand why you are not shocked and angered and “disgusted” by the approval of the new shoe on the corner of Pine and Arlington avenue when the board approved a shul of 2,600 sq ft with only six parking spaces!! plus they approved it with a big simcha halp downstairs using the excuse that it’ll only be used shabbos which we all know is a bunch of …..!!!

  2. Who ever is against building a shul needs to check his yeshus!!
    What is a shul, a shul is a bais Hamikdash m’aat a shul is a place where one come to speak to hashem
    Just imagine this , in the times of the Bais Hamikdosh there would be a yid that would complain about it being too close to his home , and by the shalosh regalim there too much traffic etc in essence saying to hashem pls don’t dwell near me your causing to many holy jews to swarm the area I can sit on my porch in my boxers anymore etc if even such a thought crossed your mind you would be thrown out of yerushalaim for good the same applies in golus!! If a Yid opposes a shul for such frivolous nuisances he’s not a practicing Yid and should be embarrassed and ashamed of such a thought and if he Davens at all besides the fact that her should daven for himsef to have a bit of yiras shamayim he should daven at home !
    It’s one thing wen a Goy opposes it but our own ppl ? Ah shandeh un cherpeh!!!! FYI I am not yeshivish and wear a kipa seruga and evening I understand the basics fundamentals of a yid
    This has gotten out of hand how tremendously embarrassing and forgot about the chilul hashem of it
    L’havdil I never in my life heard of an opposition on the building of a church!!!
    Yet you call yourself Simcha, kid urself not
    You can respond all you want and try to explain yourself it won’t help it matter I know wat I know

    • The inconsistency in your comments shows what you “know” is distorted. Theres is a shul on every corner in Lakewood we do not need more congestion.
      Im against all new building in Lakewood. We are exploding out of the town and destroying what little is left.
      The way we live and treat lakewood is a chillul hashem.
      A jew is obligated to uplift those around them and to make their environment better.
      If you think that what has happened/happening to lakewood isn’t a chillul hashem then you really are lost.
      Now, My name is Simcha so thank you for baselessly hating on another yid.
      I wear the same kipa & not sure why that is relevant. I can see for some reason you are severely triggered and unwilling to even hear a response which just shows how ignorant you are being, you do not think with a religious mindset so I will you the best and hope one day you will become a happy jew. A jew is a jew and that is how we need to act!

  3. time to start mandating underground parking lots for every new lakewood shul… two floors of parking if they have a hall…


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