Lakewood Planning $106 Million In Projects To Ease Traffic, Improve Township Services

Lakewood officials are planning to spend more than $100 million to improve the township’s roadways, services, and playgrounds.

Under a proposal to be voted upon by the Township Committee, Lakewood will:

  • Spend $22 million on road and sidewalk improvements, including: Pine from Route 9 to New Hampshire; Lanes Mill, the Lake Carasaljo path, Ridgeway Place; Drake Road; Ridge Avenue; E. 9th, E. 7th, and E. 6th streets; and additional improvements to the NJ Transit Terminal’s pedestrian walkway.
  • Spend $15 million to improve various roadways, including: Phase 2 of the Vine Ave. extension from Pine to Oak; improvements to August Drive and Brookfield Drive; and Forest Avenue roadway improvements.
  • Spend $5.97 million for traffic signal installation and improvements at: the NJDOT Bikeway Program at the John F. Patrick Park and Industrial Park, Vermont Avenue and Route 70; Park Ave. and E. 7th Street; and Monmouth Ave. and 4th Street.
  • Spend $29.8 million for township-wide sewer, drainage and related roadway improvements, including: Arboretum Parkway; Columbus and Nostrand Avenue Parks; Vermont Ave. roadway improvements (Oak to Essex); Vine Ave. construction (Pine to Cedar Bridge) Rosebank Street; Leonard Street; Park Avenue; Forest Drive; Gladiola Court; Marlin Avenue; and Coral Avenue.
  • Spend $12.7 million to upgrade Lakewood’s parks, including by purchasing new playground, park and recreation equipment, DPW playground replacement equipment, and the Sports Dome Additional Services Project
  • Purchase just over $9 million worth of new vehicles, including automated trucks, rear load trucks, front load trucks, tractors, small rear load trash trucks, tree bucket trucks, administrative vehicles, box trucks, and pick-up trucks
  • Purchase $1.66 million of heavy duty equipment, including roll-off trucks, dumps and plows, walking floors, a brine making system, and a tree chipper.
  • Spend $506,000 for improvements at the  Department of Public Works’ Building #2
  • Spend $7.2 million for improvements and upgrades to ShoreTown Ballpark (previously Blueclaws Stadium)

These massive projects will be funded by the issuance of $97 million in Township bonds.

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  1. As soon as the project will finished there will so much more devlopments that the heavy traffic will reapoear and this whole project will be a waste of time and money


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