Lakewood Landlords Exhorted to Keep Rents Low as Families Struggle

As hundreds of Lakewood families struggle under the crushing weight of ever-rising prices, a letter hung in BMG is urging Lakewood’s landlords to abstain from further raising rents on their tenants.

“Apartment rents have inflated well beyond 50% of their previous value,” the letter reads. “Rent, a basic essential, is a large chunk of a young couple’s budget and has become a monthly source of stress for many newly married couples.”

The letter goes on to remind/educate landlords about several facts to bear in mind:

  1. The rent you charge doesn’t only affect your tenant. Other landlords base their rents on others’, and raising your own tenant’s rent has an impact on the entire market.
  2. Being mevater on the little bit of extra rent you could technically squeeze out of your tenants is a tremendous chesed and is a proclamation of your emunah in Hashem and belief in His ability to provide you with the income you need.
  3. Many of the families currently living in apartments have mothers who would love to be teachers. However, with rents being so high, a teacher’s salary simply doesn’t cover the family expenses. This is a factor in the extreme shortage of teachers in Lakewood schools. Many women are turning to other careers because a teaching position simply doesn’t pay the bills.

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  1. When BMG can straighten out beis din mesharim to be דן על פי הלכה לאמיתה let them worry about tenants and some chesed they try to do
    But first stop beis din רוצח from doing the worse damage ever anyone can dream of

  2. I wouldn’t blame a din but if the Yeshiva really wants to find a solution to the rent raises first lower the taxes so landlords don’t have to raid the rent just to cover their own expenses of taxes mortgage and maintenance I don’t think anyone is getting wealthy on the rent increases landlords are just trying to keep up with the huge increases in utilities and taxes we didn’t even factor in inflation but just for starters let’s LOWER the taxes in lkwd

  3. Their mortgage is not going up and neither are the salaries of the couples . Its not ok to just raise and have a bidding war over rentals where the next person calls and they offer another 100.00


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