Lakewood’s Girl School Teachers Begin Receiving $500 Pesach Bonuses After Massive Campaign

Lakewood’s girl school morahs and teachers have begun receiving $500 bonuses ahead of Pesach, after a wildly successful campaign to raise the $1 million-plus necessary to provide the bonuses to the teachers, who are both underpaid and don’t receive the same bonuses as rebbeim.

The campaign was spearheaded by Lakewood resident Mrs. Miriam Tress, who named her effort V’Romamtanu. She made a 50/50 partnership with every girls elementary and high school in Lakewood, with Mrs. Tress raising 50% of the required funds and the schools giving the other half toward the bonuses. In total, the bonuses cost approximately $1.4 million, split amongst the schools and philanthropists who donated to the cause.

In December, Mrs. Tress addressed the Torah U’Mesorah President’s Conference weekend summit where she announced her plan.

At the event, Mrs. Tress delivered a powerful and impassioned speech, urging and beseeching those in attendance to take the issue of how teachers are treated and paid more seriously, receiving rousing ovations throughout the course of her remarks.

“These women are amazing… They’re in school for eight hours a day! They’re in school more than they are at home,” Mrs. Miriam Tress told the conference.

Mrs. Tress, a self-described “nobody” with no connections, said she decided to spring into action. She took it upon herself to form partnerships with every school in Lakewood and raise half the funds necessary to give a one-time, $500 bonus to every female morah and teacher in Lakewood, with the schools covering the remaining 50%.

Those teachers and morahs have now begun receiving those checks, along with a beautiful accompanying poem thanking them for their efforts and tireless devotion to their students.

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  1. What Hashgocha that i can be the first to comment. As Mrs. Tress’s sister, i was in her home just yesterday watching her be so busy with the delivery of the checks to the moros. I was amazed to see the poem of gratitude and the beautiful envelopes. My sister hut aryngelegt her gantze neshama. Chushive moros you surely deserve it!! As a morah in monsey, I myself can attest firsthand to all, the endless kochos a morah gives to her students. May monsey, irvhakodesh follow in the footsteps of Lakewood ir hakodesh. Bkarov Mamash!! Mrs. R.L.Levin

  2. It’s the most beautiful thing that happened in a very long time, yes our teacher are the most under paid working people, for the most needy cause, but realize to write every teacher is getting 500 dollars is totally the truth, as in my wife who gives it her fullest and does periods and runs the office part time, walked out with A 120 dollar bonus, that’s ain’t 500 dollars, but the idea of this campaign is unbelievable bec we all know teachers are terribly under paid while they are making our future generations, while someone working in a office simply cuntching numbers, walks out with more then triple a rad working teacher who also has to prepare, my dream one day is to get every school to stop the advantage of our teachers and up the salary by double or triple, because we need them,and we need their hard work for our future. Hatzlacha,

    • Simply crunching numbers? How about simply putting bread on our kids tables? Don’t take this the wrong way – teachers are amazing. But office ppl also kill themselves working to the bone and are also raising future generations by putting food on the table.

  3. So why in the world do all the chosheve philanthropists give to foreign charity cases whilst the Teachers and Morahs of their very own children can’t even walk into the classroom with a smile or energy to teach 31 kids in a Class ?


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