Lakewood Fire Dept. Launches Online Request System For Educational Events

The Lakewood Fire Department announced the launch of a new online request system that allows individuals, organizations, and community groups to easily schedule public education and fire safety events through its website at This innovative platform streamlines the process of requesting events, making it more convenient for the community to engage with the Fire Department in an educational and proactive capacity.

The online request system is part of the fire department’s ongoing commitment to enhancing fire safety awareness and community engagement in Lakewood. Whether you are a school, business, neighborhood association, or any group interested in learning about fire
prevention and safety, our department is here to help.

Key features of the online request system include:

1. Event Selection: Users can choose from a
variety of public education and fire safety events available, such as fire safety presentations, fire extinguisher training, and station tours.
2. Scheduling: Events can be requested at least one month in advance to allow for adequate scheduling and preparation. This ensures that the Lakewood Fire Department can accommodate as many requests as possible.
3. Customization: Users can provide specific details about their group, the location of the event, and any special requests to tailor the event to their needs.
4. Confirmation: Once the request is submitted, the Fire Department will review the details and confirm the event, providing all necessary information for a successful engagement.

Chief Yahr of the Lakewood Fire Department, expressed enthusiasm for this new initiative, saying, “We believe that education is one of the most effective tools in preventing fires and ensuring the safety of our community. With this new online request system, we are making it easier than ever for our community to access valuable fire safety resources.”

The Lakewood Fire Department encourages
schools, businesses, community
organizations, and individuals to take advantage of this new online request system to schedule public education and fire safety events. By working together, we can help make Lakewood a safer place to live and work.
To request an event or learn more about the available options, please visit and click on the “Public Education Request” link. For any questions or additional information, please contact Fire Prevention Specialist Sima Clapman at (732) 364-5151 Ext.6107 or via email at

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