Lakewood Drivers Ranked Among The Worst In The Country

Drivers of Lakewood, hang your head in shame. A new study released by Consumer Affairs ranked the worst- and best-driving large cities in the United States.

According to the data, Lakewood was ranked the city with the 18th-worst drivers. Researchers found that Lakewood drivers are responsible for 20.4 bad driving crashes resulting in a fatality per each 100,000 residents.

That’s not good news for Lakewood and its proud drivers, who were handed a measly 40.2 crash score on the ranking.

The silver lining is that there are 17 cities with worse drivers. The worst of them all, according to the study, is Memphis, Tennessee.

Now, before you go on a rant against stupid Lakewood drivers, we should note one thing: The city included in the ranking is Lakewood, Colorado – not our local town. In fact, Lakewood, NJ, didn’t even make the list.

So before impugning Lakewood drivers, ask yourself: If they are indeed so bad, why are they consistently not making the list in such rankings?

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  1. The message from in high should still be learnt by us Lakewood NJ drivers
    As any accident even with out injuries or fatality c’v
    Is one too many
    The pedestrians who walk around talking on their cell phones without a care (to their lives)in the world are also guilty of negligence and many times the cause of accidents
    While we’re on a roll (excuse the pun)may as well mention bikes,blades and all the new available modes of transportation who use public roads or sidewalks
    Be careful as your not the only one using the sidewalk or roads your life depends on it and so does someone elses

  2. A very childish way of ignoring the driving issues in LKWD – at least create some awareness! Is this from verteran reporters or media executives? If you ignore this – the pudding itself is proof.

  3. Why? Because these numbers are pertaining to fatalities and hashem protects idiots. Let’s see the numbers for overall accidents/pedestrians stuck. Manipulation doesn’t make you intelligent or funny.

  4. “Yeah, good idea”. Trying to avoid the problem on the table about these mofo drivers isn’t a solution.

  5. Lakewood was a built as a sleepy town suburb for
    families with no more than two kids and a dog, but now it has become one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.
    More lanes need to be added to RT-9, New Egypt, and River Rd
    The State should install a Pedestrian Bridge on Madison Avenue and East County Line Rd


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