Lakewood Alerts Statement On Today’s Horrific Tragedy In Lakewood

Today, our community experienced a devastating tragedy, and we understand that many of you have been reaching out to us wondering why we haven’t posted about it. We want to assure you that our decision not to share the news is intentional and guided by the wisdom of our rabbanim – who actually exist – who have advised us to prioritize sensitivity and compassion in this difficult moment.

In times of tragedy, our focus should be on supporting the affected families and individuals, rather than spreading news for the sake of clicks or attention. We believe that some things are too painful and hurtful to be shared without a valid reason, and we choose to follow the guidance of our rabbanim and the principles of common sense and daas torah.

We appreciate your understanding and trust that you will join us in showing respect and kindness to those who are grieving during this difficult time.

Besuros Tovos

Please note that this statement was only published following consultation with our rabbanim.

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    • Seriously? The biggest news site in Lakewood broke the story and wrote “posted under the guidance of Rabbonim” and then when social media exploded in anger, he pulled it. He obviously has no rabbonim. The story went viral because of him and another irresponsible sick individual with a platform loaded with pritzus, nivul peh, lashon hara and more.

      Are these the same rabbonim who told him to ignore 6 gedolim from eretz yisroel on Sunday night?

  1. Yes why have you not posted about it?? Who are these rabbanim that are taking all these stories that need to be advertised to the communities to bring awareness that mental health is not a joke! Its not something that you can just brush under the rug and expect everything to just be OK?!?!
    We need major awareness in the communities! Especially the very sheltered ones. In the last couple of months theres been way too many stories of bachurim, fathers, teenagers that are shooting, overdosing and hanging themselves!
    Now is not the time to stay quiet! How many more losses will it take for everyone to wake up and realize we’ve been doing it wrong all this time?!?!

  2. Voice of sanity in a world gone mad in Lakewood with self centered human trash as the new mouthpieces of klal yisroel.

    Thank you for writing this.

  3. Disgusting. Lakewood Alerts is using a tragedy to virtue signal. There is no other point to this article other than posturing.

  4. whoa whoa whoa, anyone who thinks it should be publisized, why? so you could have some more coffee room hock tommorow? I mean come on! & don’t give me your “awareness” garbage, awareness for whom? & WHY? we are b’h a close community & we take good care of each other in any situation, so why should I have to know about someone hanging themselves? It is the right thing not to publish it, even WITHOUT rabbanim, it’s common sense, so don’t let yor curiosity get the best of you.

  5. It is well known in the Israeli military groups, that the enemies of Israel are always attempting to demoralizing Jewish population, hoping they would take their own lives by suicide ‼️ Thanks to Hashem for helping Eretz Hakodesh 🙏 to be 💪🇮🇱 strong and resilient for the survival of The Jewish Nation and the Jewish people worldwide. AM ISRAEL CHAI 🇮🇱✌️

  6. Not talking about things is why these tragedies happen. Shaming people for having mental illness makes them feel like they cannot share their feelings in any religion. Promoting awareness brings it out of the darkness and into the light where people feel that it is accepted to talk about their issues and feelings. Then they can seek help with a professional trained in psychology, social work or psychiatry.


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