Kosherfest, Held Annually In New Jersey’s Meadowlands, Shutting Down Operations

Kosherfest, the largest kosher food exhibition in the US, has announced its discontinuation of what was once dubbed “the world’s biggest kiddush.” The decision stems from a decline in interest surrounding the event, which was held annually in the Meadowlands.

The organizers explained in a statement that the changing landscape of supermarket category management and the absence of kosher buyers in numerous major supermarket chains led exhibitors to believe that Kosherfest’s relevance had waned. They expressed that exhibiting at the show no longer provided a significant return on investment (ROI).

The responsibility for the kosher food category within supermarket chains has increasingly shifted to the grocery buyer. Since these buyers are tasked with sourcing and purchasing a wide range of products, they are more inclined to attend food events that showcase items beyond kosher exclusivity. Consequently, a strictly kosher food show like Kosherfest has become too niche to attract their attendance, according to the organizers’ statement.

Established in 1989, Kosherfest encompassed an exhibition hall, lectures, cooking demonstrations, a culinary competition featuring celebrity chefs, and awards for new products. It was renowned as a platform for highlighting food trends and innovations in the kosher-certified food industry. While the events were not open to the general public, they welcomed manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, buyers, caterers, retail stores, and media personnel, including photographers and food bloggers.

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