Kashrus Concerns Mounting at Popular Lakewood QuickChek

Two letters in this week’s edition of The Voice of Lakewood note that there are significant questions about the hashgacha on QuickChek slurpees, coffees, and fountain sodas that remain unanswered.

The QuickChek location in Lakewood at the corner of New Hampshire Avenue and Cedarbridge is a popular quick-stop for many frum Lakewood residents, and has been so for a number of years.

One letter states that some of the hashgachos listed expired last year and that “even the flavors specified on the valid kashrus certificate do not necessarily render the beverages kosher.”

This raises the question of whether the drinks being sold at QuickChek in Lakewood are kosher – even if some of the flavorings are.

A second letter notes that, as per the Lakewood Bais Hora’ah, the slurpees being sold at QuickChek are under a false hechsher and that kashrus-abiding people should ask their rav whether it is permissible to drink them.

The Voice editors say they have verified the above claims with both the KCL and OU as true.

“They claim to be using kosher-certified flavoring in their beverages, but there is no mashgiach nor kashrus company checking on that claim,” the editors write.

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  1. Every time I walk into the store I see people buying the Slurpees and I asked them all the time tell me is there any kosher supervision and they all tell me with a straight face sure look is a sign it shows the Jewish organization and I said to them did you actually read this sign if you actually read it he will see it has nothing to do with this store whatsoever worse off people are not interested ind hearing that its no good they want to just enjoy the drink this has been going on for years and no one is doing anything about it same is true in 7-Eleven same is true in the Wawa the same is true with any other gas station I even saw one time somebody buying the Slurpees in the gas station that’s located on the corner of Hurley and see the Bridge right near the train tracks and I told them it’s not Kosher and they told me look outside there’s a big sign that says kosher Slurpees

  2. I’m confused, in the first paragraph it states: “slurpees, coffees, and fountain sodas that remain unanswered”.
    Yet in the following paragraphs it only elaborates about the slurpees.
    So, what is the concern regarding their coffees?

  3. In deal there are 7-11 with reliable kashrut from the JSOR for slurpees, coffee and fountain soda’s plus grab and go sealed meals. just like the 7-11 on River Road in Lakewood. Wawa coffee, slurpees and fountain soda’s are kosher as well and they if asked will should you the packages it comes in. I work in kashrut. I don’t go to Quick Check lately but I remember them having a list of slurpees and coffees that are kosher but the store may not have kosher certification. Which can bring other issues to light. Like how they wash the equipment.


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