Juvenile Arrested for Stealing Vehicle from Lake Terrace

Just after midnight Tuesday morning, Lakewood police officers responded to the Lake Terrace Catering Hall in reference to a report of a stolen motor vehicle.

Upon arrival, the victim stated that her 2017 Toyota Rav 4 had been parked in the lot and was no longer there. As on scene officers were gathering additional information, police received information from members of the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch (Shomrim) that they were in contact with the suspect, identified as a 14-year-old juvenile. LCSW further advised that the stolen auto was parked on Park Avenue and that the juvenile will be transported back to the catering hall.

Upon his return, he was placed in custody for the theft, but later released to his parents after the victim advised that they did not wish to pursue criminal charges upon regaining possession of their car.

In addition, the juvenile’s father received a summons for his son’s violation of Lakewood’s curfew ordinance.

In a statement, Shomrim said it is thankful to its dedicated members for their swiftness in identifying the suspect and assisting police at the scene of the crime.

“Our members put themselves on the line each and every day to ensure the safety and security of the Lakewood community,” the group said. “We did it today, and we will continue to do it with professionalism and respect for all.”

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  1. At what point do we stop lauding messira which one is chayiv missa for? moiridin vieno maalin. even if you think their doing something good. the car was parked and no one was in danger why are they bringing him back? din of roitzchim. shomrim- should be frowned upon not lauded


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