JUST IN: Lakewood Police Increasing Patrols Ahead of Anti-Semitic “Day of Hate”

The Lakewood Police Department is adding both marked and unmarked patrols around Lakewood ahead of a “Day of Hate” planned for Saturday, February 25th.

Multiple police departments around the country have issues memos to their Jewish communities urging them to be vigilant amid the worrying activities.

This “National Day of Hate” was originally proposed by a tiny Eastern Iowa-based neo-Nazi group in early January. Over the past few weeks, individuals associated with other white supremacist groups and networks have indicated they will participate. These groups and networks have membership and supporters scattered around the country including the Goyim Defense League, Active Clubs and National Socialist Movement.

Since 2021, white supremacist networks such as White Lives Matter have popularized designated “days of action” as a tactic to unite fellow white supremacists and draw attention to their cause. On these days, participants primarily conduct white supremacist and antisemitic propaganda distributions, banner drops, and hold demonstrations.

Lakewood Township officials said there are no specific or concrete threats against Jewish institutions in Lakewood, but measures, including additional patrols, are being added to ensure the safety of all residents.

“We, along with other agencies throughout the State, have been advised that social media posts are circulating online in reference a “National Day of Hate”, Saturday February 25th,” Lakewood PD spokesman Gregory Staffordsmith said in a statement. “At this time there isn’t any credible information to suggest that these threats will impact New Jersey, more specifically, Lakewood. However, in response we have increased the number of on duty officers, both marked and unmarked to ensure the safety of our residents.”
“In addition, we are closely monitoring this situation with assistance from our Federal, State, County and Local partners to ensure the communication of any actionable information.”

The patrols will remain in place at least through Pesach, an official told Lakewood Alerts.

Jackson Police Chief Mathew Kunz also said he is aware of the situation and his department is “on top of it” and taking proactive measures to guarantee the safety of Jewish residents.

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