JUST IN: Jackson Township Signs Settlement with Jackson Trails Developer

The government of Jackson Township has signed a settlement with the builder of the proposed Jackson Trails development, a religious Jew who sued the town, claiming that his application was rejected due to antisemitic residents of Jackson.

Under the now-signed deal, the township will pay the developer $700,000, inclusive of attorney’s fees and costs.

It also guarantees that Jackson will allow the development to move forward, including the construction of 367 single-family homes, 92 multi-family units, a house of worship and “all related improvements.”

The settlement also compels the developer to fulfill his affordable housing obligation by setting aside no fewer than 20% of all residential units for “very low-, low-, and moderate-income households.”

There will be 96 affordable housing units, including 66 3-bedroom units and 30 2-bedroom units.

Of the 3-bedroom units, 9 will be set aside for very-low-income households, 24 for low-income households, and 33 for moderate-income households.

Of the 30 2-bedroom units, there will be 4 very-low-income units, 11 moderate-income units, and 15 moderate-income units.

The agreement now just needs Judge Michael A. Shipp to sign off on it.

To read the full terms of the settlement agreement, click here.


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