Josh Pruzansky Makes His First-Ever Endorsement For Avi Schnall

I don’t believe I have ever endorsed a candidate for any office, but today I am making an exception. My friend Avi Schnall is running for the New Jersey State Assembly in District 30 which includes Lakewood.

Avi didn’t ask me to give him an endorsement, but I feel compelled to do so.

Lakewood has become the epicenter of Orthodox Jewry in New Jersey. It has hundreds of Yeshivos for elementary and High School, as well as the largest Yeshiva, Beth Medresh Govoha, in the world outside of the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Lakewood has become the 5th largest city in the State of New Jersey.

Simply put, Lakewood deserves representation in Trenton. Their needs are unique, and they need someone from the community that understands the community to represent the community in Trenton.

That person is Avi Schnall. He is one of the hardest working advocates for our community in the State House, and he will become one of the hardest working supporters of our community as a member of the Assembly.

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 7th, 2023, VOTE Avi Schnall for Assembly in District 30.

This endorsement was made by Josh Pruzansky in his personal capacity and not representing any organization he is associated with.

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  1. Who is Josh Pruzansky? Not sure if I’ve ever heard of him. Living here for 30+ years how comes I never heard his name before. Did he just move here?

  2. @cool masmid
    Josh pruzansky works for the aguda and is a freeloader just like avi schnall.
    Thats why he endorsed him just 2 freeloaders working “for the klal”


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