Jewish Family Reports Being Extorted By Local Hispanic Group [VIDEO]

A local Jewish family says it was harassed and terrorized into handing over payment that was never agreed to, and is now warning families to avoid getting into a similar perilous situation.

The family says they hired a Hispanic worker to do some work in their garage. The following day, the worker returned to the home and asked for a $500 loan, claiming that his daughter had died. The head of the household gave $250 on the condition that he works off the debt. The worker agreed.

The next day, the worker returned again and demanded a higher pay rate, which he was still given, despite it not having been agreed to beforehand.

The family says that was only the beginning of their troubles. About a week later, they say, a “mob” of about 50 people led by Alojanra Gonzalez of local Hispanic advocacy group Voz Latino and Louis and Cori Scotti of Our Lady of Guadalupe church, banging on their door at night and claiming that the worker had not been paid.

The head of the household ended up paying the worker an additional $800 just to get the protesters off their back.

Now, the family is warning residents not to hire locals loitering on the streets.

“We must prevent further acts of extortion!” the family said. “Besides publicizing photos of these criminals, it is suggested to only use day workers in a business situation. Never hire anyone off the street.”

Editor’s Note: Lakewood Alerts has not independently verified the family’s version of the story, and is sharing it for news purposes. 

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  1. I think theirs some zaltz & feffer missing from this story otherwise why didn’t he call the police???
    And if they worked for him perhaps he did owe them the money ?
    Something’s fishy here but let’s not get ahead of the story
    Want to pair the rest of it??

  2. Does anyone know the name of the blond woman with the Chanel phone case? Please post so we can let her workplace know of her nefarious nighttime hobbies.


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