Jackson Unites For Rova Farms Public Cleanup Day

Jackson tree service companies in conjunction with community volunteers and members of D.P.W. braved the cold weather and teamed up to remove decades of unkept underbrush, dead trees, and dangerous tree limbs from the Rova Farms property ahead of the upcoming new park construction.

On Monday, the volunteers got to work. According to the township, this cleanup will not only save taxpayers money but will beautify the land before the groundbreaking of the new park amenities in the near future.

Council President Jennifer Kuhn thanked all of the companies who donated their services to the community, which included Aspen Tree Experts, Phil’s Tree Service and K & L Tree Experts.

“When the community here in Jackson comes together for a cause, nothing is impossible,” said Council President Jennifer Kuhn. “That’s just the first step in transforming the land into a park. I’m glad we have the opportunity to restore Rova Farms to its former natural beauty. Thank you to Councilman Chisholm for spearheading this cleanup and for ensuring that everything was organized and ready for today” she added.

Councilman Mordechai Burnstein thanked the tree companies for their generosity.

“This cleanup restored the charm that lured thousands to Rova Farms during the mid-twentieth century,” Burnstein said. “Thank you to our wonderful businesses in Jackson for rolling up their sleeves and helping out.”

Mayor Michael Reina said, “Rova Farms is a key part of Jackson Township’s cultural history. People from around the world used to spend their summers here because of its natural beauty and scenic views. When we’re done, it will be a park for everyone in Jackson and beyond to enjoy.”

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