Jackson Twp. Economic Development Council Meets For First Time In 5 Years

After 5 years of inactivity, the Jackson Township Economic Development Council has met to discuss the future of Jackson’s business and commercial landscape.  The committee sat and discussed options that will try to help move Jackson’s business-related initiatives forward.

Councilwoman Kuhn expressed her excitement in the possibility of expanding the township’s business agenda, which suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and now higher interest rates. Councilwoman Kuhn says a three-tiered strategy of information, incentives and promotion could encourage businesses to call Jackson Township their new home.

She says the commission will begin providing local businesses with information and opportunities such as aiding businesses in finding appropriate grants from the Small Business Administration and to guide them in the right direction to obtain PPP loans needed for expansion and growth.

The township will also begin promoting itself as a business-friendly option to lure businesses to areas that have been approved for commercial development but have been sitting vacant , especially along the County Line corridor.

The commission, Kuhn said, is committed to moving Jackson forward by bringing in businesses needed by the residents. Together with Mayor Reina, we want more businesses to call Jackson ”home”.

“Many Jackson residents have to go to Howell, Hamilton, Toms River, or other nearby towns to shop, for entertainment, dining out,” Councilman Mordechai Burnstein added . “There’s no reason why we can’t open the door to some of those vital businesses to open stores in town.

Burnstein said he hopes the efforts by the Township and Commission could help put Jackson back on the radar for much needed and responsible commercial ratables by large corporations and small businesses alike.

Jackson’s Economic Development Committee consists of the following members: Council President Kuhn , Councilman Mordechai Burnstein, Jeffrey Henba,  Chris Beals, Bernadette Seda, Ed Cialkowski, Jeanine Fritch, Michele Campbell, Gary Ramer, and Roger Derickson.

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