Jackson Township Set to Send Yet Another Unwelcoming Message to Frum Jews

Jackson’s Township Council is set to make two moves at Tuesday night’s meeting that sends a clear message to frum residents of the township: you’re not welcome here.

Despite years of litigation and legal setback after legal setback for the township due to ordinances it passed that were alleged to target the frum community, the Council on Tuesday night is expected to pass a new ordinance targeting real estate signs – placing restrictions on what “for rent,” “for sale,” or “open house” may be placed on properties and requiring permits for the placement of such signs.

The history of this ordinance is itself rooted in antisemitism. For years, anti-frum residents have complained at meetings about realtor signs being placed on lawns, which they said played a role in Jackson residents selling their homes and often to Orthodox Jews. Residents also claimed that placing such signs amounted to Jews “marking their territory” and “blockbusting.”

The Jackson Township Council was set to vote on the ordinance in December but pulled it at the last second.

In what is perhaps a more disturbing development, the Jackson Township Council is also on Tuesday night set to appoint Eleanor Hannum – a longtime foe of the Jews in Jackson who makes it her business to find as many complaints as possible against them at every township meeting – to the Rova Farms Advisory Board, which will be officially formed on April 12th.

Hannum has been listed in both the federal Justice Department lawsuit against Jackson and the New Jersey AG’s lawsuit against Jackson as influencing the Jackson Council to enact antisemitic ordinances targeting shuls and schools.

Hannum’s appointment, as well as the enactment of the realtor sign ordinance, would send an extremely negative message to the frum community in Jackson, which has bent over backwards to accommodate the wishes and wants of their antisemitic neighbors, to no avail.


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  1. So stupid. Just looking to cause problems. Worry about Lakewood. As if the Orthosedic community is sooooooo welcoming to the frum community! Seems like all they do is drive everyone out of town. Segregate themselves from everyone else. Segregate within by gender and class. Wasn’t there a few car jackings this week? You are ridiculous.

  2. As a frum Jew who lives in Lakewood I understand and it’s unfair to keep claiming antisemitism for everything. We are not above the law and residents have every right to be upset, look what we did to Lakewood

  3. You just don’t make sense. If something is anti-Semitic, it is 100% fair to claim antisemitism.
    Also, this has nothing to do with being above the law, and residents do not have a right to be upset. They can be upset and annoyed all they want, but they don’t have the right, as in, they don’t have a valid excuse for it, other than they don’t like Jews.
    And being that you live in Lakewood, you very obviously have never witnessed the kindness that goes on in Jackson and how well Jackson Jews treat their neighbors. It is admirable, something ALL can learn from. And no they do not necessarily receive the same treatment back from their neighbors but that does not stop them from being mentchlich and going out of their way to make a kiddush Hashem.
    We didn’t do anything to Lakewood any more than any community does when they move in to a city.

    • Oh please! This is poor reporting. Not wanting over development and destruction of a community, danger to those who have septics, wells etc is not antisemitism. The schools etc they plan to build are not benefiting the current community

  4. “ We didn’t do anything to Lakewood any more than any community does when they move in to a city.”. Please give examples of what other communities do not assimilate and do not want to live amongst others?


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