JACKSON: Should An 18-Wheeler Be Driving Through Residential Backyards?

Jackson residents are furious at a company that has been transporting dozens of shipping containers to a site in Jackson for the purpose of renovating them for other purposes, such as portable homes and outhouses. Cris Containers has been using 134 White Road, owned by Dan Rac Excavating, as its renovation site.

The problem? Massive, 18-wheeler trucks are traveling through residents’ backyards on Kevin Court and Linda Drive to get to the site, which is only accessible by way of a road with an easement on it that allows the company to use it for its needs.

“It’s not only disrupting the peace and quiet of our neighborhood, but it literally puts our children at risk, as they have to dodge trucks driving through their our backyard,” one resident told Lakewood Alerts.

Now, the company is seeking to rezone the area from a residential to an industrial zone, further angering neighbors. Safety concerns have also been raised due to certain backyards lacking proper separation from the road.

The Zoning Board is scheduled to hear the application tonight.

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  1. If this is true its insane for the board to even let him bring it up. This company should be fined and shut down.

  2. I don’t hear rise up and their friends complaining about it. If it would be jewish owned there’d be an uproar.


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