Jackson School District Says Appointment Of State Monitor Has Been In The Works Since Last Year

Jackson School District Superintendent Nicole Pormilli released the following statement after the state’s Department of Education appointed a monitor over its finances:

The loan requested by the Jackson School District during the last budget season is moving forward. By state statute, a requirement of that loan process involves the Department of Education assigning a State Monitor to the district.

“As we explained during the last budget season, the loss of $18 million in aid over six years made it necessary to seek a loan from the state to balance our 2023-2024 budget,” said Superintendent of Schools, Nicole Pormilli. “That loan comes with certain conditions – and one of those conditions is having a state monitor work with us to continue to operate as efficiently as possible.’’

The State Monitor who will be working in the district is Carole Morris, who has served as a state monitor for more than 10 years. Prior to working for the Department of Education, Ms. Morris served as a Superintendent, Executive Superintendent of Schools and Assistant Superintendent. She joined the district last week and will be in the district on a part-time basis for one year.

Pormilli said the district has been analyzing the budget for months with the County Superintendent of Schools, who determined the district was fiscally responsible. That analysis will continue with Ms. Morris on site.

“This is the next step in the process of securing the loan,’’ Pormilli said. “We welcome any and all input in how we can navigate through the challenges of rising costs and complicated student needs in the face of devastating aid losses.’’

In her role as state monitor, Ms. Morris will have oversight of the district consistent with N.J.S.A 18A:7A 55 and will be focusing on the areas of fiscal management and the expenditure of all of Jackson’s funds. She will also be responsible for directing all business office activities, including the preparation of monthly reports, approval of all purchase activities and payment of bills and claims.

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