Jackson Resident Drops Presidential Bid, Will Run Instead For US Senate

Albert Harshaw, who was until recently a resident of Jackson, had been running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. However, he is now dropping out of the race and running instead for US Senate – no doubt to the relief of Donald Trump and other top contenders for the presidential nomination.

Harshaw, a U.S. Navy veteran and entrepreneur who has operated several businesses, including a tree and landscape business in Jackson, is relatively new to the political arena. His foray into politics began last summer when he announced his presidential campaign.

On his presidential campaign website, Harshaw shared his motivation, writing, “My Family Has Had A Saying When Uncle Sam Comes Calling, You Get A Going. And It Seems That I Have Always Been Running Into Burning Buildings, To Save What And Who We Can. Now It Seems, That Once Again, Our Great Nation, Uncle Sam, These United States Of America, Calls Once Again For Service – To Service.”

However, Harshaw’s presidential campaign struggled to gain momentum, facing stiff competition from prominent figures such as a former president, several current governors, a sitting U.S. Senator, and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Harshaw’s Senate campaign also faces challenges, with Mendham Borough Mayor Christine Serrano Glassner currently leading the race for the GOP nomination. He is up against other minor candidates like Dan Cruz and Gregg Mele, and there are potential contenders like former News12 reporter Alex Zdan, developer Curtis Bashaw, and Melinda Ciattarelli.

Harshaw is not the first New Jersey candidate to step down from a presidential race in this cycle. Hirsh Singh, a candidate with a history of unsuccessful races, also ended his presidential campaign last year after several months, citing significant opposition from “some elements of the establishment.” Sad!

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