Jackson Open Space Committee Outlines Goals For 2024

The Jackson Township Open Space Committee has met for the first time in 2024 and Mayor Michael Reina says the six-member resident board is going to hit the ground running this year to work towards identifying parcels of land that can be preserved for open space in the township.

The board met this week with Mayor Michael Reina, Council President Jennifer Kuhn and Councilman Mordy Burnstein to discuss the future direction of the board.

Mayor Reina said he is looking forward to the suggestions and ideas from the board that could help the township continue to preserve existing properties from future development.

“This board is committed to continuing our goal of preserving parcels of land for open space and to save them from development in key areas across Jackson,” Reina said.

“Every member at the meeting is on board with identifying and recommending open spaces for my administration and the township council to consider.”

Councilwoman Jennifer Kuhn, who also sits on the Rova Farms Advisory Board said she is looking forward to the suggestions of the committee and to working with them in the New Year.

“Rova Farms was purchased through the township’s open space fund and this year. We are breaking ground to create a beautiful new park space for all residents to enjoy,” Kuhn said. “The first step in that process was to identify land we can buy and preserve and that’s what this board is going to do for Jackson.”

Councilman Mordechai Burnstein said that, this year, the board will work closely with the Ocean County Commissioners and the Ocean County Natural Land Trust Fund to identify properties and preserve them in conjunction with county officials.

“Through our renewed relationship with county officials, I am confident there will be opportunities to partner with the county in order to preserve more land in 2024 and in the future,” he said.

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