Jackson Mayor Reina and Council Announce Successful Meeting of the Veterans Commission

The Jackson Township Veterans Commission, led by Council Vice President Sargent and Council President Jennifer Kuhn, recently met as a group after several years of inactivity. The meeting marked a new milestone in the township’s commitment to veterans moving forward.

A primary focus of the commission’s agenda was the discussion of Jackson Day, with plans to revert the parade route back to Manhattan Street. The change in the route was by public demand over the years. The Memorial Day parade, the commission’s largest annual event, was also a key topic. Council President Kuhn will be coordinating with Officer Basso, the primary organizer for the parade, to ensure its successful execution.

To increase participation in the Mayor’s annual Wounded Warriors Motorized Parade, the commission explored strategies to attract more attendees. These community events not only foster local spirit but also pay homage to the sacrifices of military personnel. The annual event hosted at the Central Jersey Pistol and Rifle Club begins with a parade that starts at the Jackson Justice Complex and makes it way west on West Veterans Highway until reaching the Club’s range on Stump Tavern Road.

Additionally, the commission discussed creating a platform for residents to nominate their “Veteran Hero of the Month.” This initiative aims to recognize and honor local veterans. The chosen heroes will be celebrated with a special display on the LED light at the town hall. Council Vice President Scott Sargent is scheduled to meet with the Mayor to expedite the implementation of this proposal. The Veteran of the Month will be chosen by the¬†Commission through resident nominations.

The Veterans Commission’s next meeting is set for February 1 at 5 PM. This gathering is anticipated to build on the momentum of the recent meeting and continue the township’s efforts in honoring and supporting veterans while fostering community involvement.

For more information, please contact the Jackson Township administration.

Jackson Townships Mayor Reina and the Jackson Council are committed to actively engaging with the community and honoring the service of veterans through meaningful initiatives and events.

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